TANOREXIA: Self- tanning guide

I have been spraying the BOD since I was 14yrs old, but before you get judgy on me, I was a dancer so concerts and competitions were nearly a monthly thang.

I have been all "50 shades of orange", but with over a decade of spray tans and weekly self-tanning, I now know "orange is NOT the new black". 

Here's a guide on the best products and helpful tips on getting your summer glow ready and remember a "spray tan is the only safe tan".


Don't you hate it when you see, or are the victim of a spray tan with blotchy ankles, knees and elbows - true "Geordie Shore style"
Well ladies and gents, that's because the dead skin around those areas blocks out the DHA, the main ingredient in spray tans that needs to penetrate the skin's surface to give you that even glow. 
So before self-tanning EXFOLIATE the night before.

Here are my favourite two body scrubs I like to use that won't break the bank. FRANK BODY SCRUB, MR.BEAN COFFEE SCRUB.


When choosing the perfect tan, gradual isn't my go-to as you can't pick up the missed spots. 
Instead, go for a tinted tan that deposits colour immediately while applying. 
Always use a tanning glove to avoid orange hands and spread the tan evenly.

ST TROPEZ- SPRAY CAN: This is my go-to-in-a-can, St Tropez "Green base". It processes naturally and fast as well as giving you that perfect golden glow. 

BONDI SANDS- SPRAY: My newest love in a can. It smells like coconut, process time is 3-4 hours and with one application you are brown baby. I use the darkest colour you can get. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

ECHO TAN: This product is certified organic and has no hidden nasties. Perfect if you're pregnant and worry about self-tanning. I have only used the mousse and loved it! I did find the processing time took a little longer but worth my mind being at ease when I was pregnant with my girls.   

TANNING GLOVE: There are so many tanning gloves out there. I highly recommend using one to avoid orange hands and streaky tan lines. The one I use is the St Tropez glove, which has more of a spongy feel. I feel I have more control when applying the tan than the more soft material gloves.  


Tan in a can have a base colour, just like our skin and hair. For example, some people may have more of a pink undertone to their skin and others have a yellow undertone.  

Green base - everyone can go for a green base tan. It's perfect for all skin colour types, but especially for people with whiter skin and a pink undertone. A green base tan is the most popular in the tanning world, and I guarantee it will leave your skin looking natural.

Violet base- Is perfect for darker skin tones with a yellow undertone. If you are looking to boost your already brown complexion, this will give your skin a richer brown finish. Then again, a green base will still look natural and beautiful on you.         

Here are my three tan's in cans that I live by


I have always just applied the tan in a can to my face, which always leaves my face blotchy from my uneven skin tone. 
So only new to this, I have started using Clarins- Radiant- plus golden glow booster. I put a few drops into my face moisturiser to give a balanced all-round glow. 

If you want your face a little darker... helpful hint: apply it to your night cream.


For me, I am a shocker when keeping my skin hydrated,  so when I shower, I use coconut oil instead of baby oil. I apply it all over my body and ladies it's completely natural with no hidden nasties and so good for your skin. Keeping that tan looking fabulous longer and your skin youthful and hydrated.  


Five days into having your safe tan you might notice your perfect glow has become flaky and blotchy.  To get rid of mistakes or just get rid of the tan altogether. 
Here is an excellent home remedy and two off the shelf products that will get rid of that dirty feeling.  

Baby Oil: when in the shower apply the baby oil all over your body and gently remove with an exfoliant glove. Works a treat. 

Model Co tan remover: if you want something fast and easy that you don't need to mix up and is professional, use the Model Co tan remover. It smells like Summer (pink grape friut) and gives your body and excellent exfoliant, prepping for your next self-tanning session.

Citrus blend: A little home remedy that I use from time to time, just from household products.

2 lemon / 1 lime /2 tsp- baking soda/ exfoliant cloth mitt

method: combine all ingredients together. stir and pop it in the microwave for 20 seconds. Once your citrus blend has cooled, place the tan remover onto exfoliant cloth mitt or onto your skin and in circular motion remove the tan from a can.  


When should I self-tan?.  Thursday night is tan night. Your tan colour will be well set in for Friday antics.

How long should I leave the tan on before showering?. depends on the product. With kids, I only use a 2-3 hour process time and still give the tan another 2 hours of processing before showering.  I have found self-tanners can still vary on processing time depending on hormons and weather. 

Should I use and spray, mousse or cream?. That will come down to personal trial and error. Some people like the cream as it's moisturising and others like the mousse to get a little darker. I prefer a spray can with a tanning glove, as I have found this dries the quickest and I have 2 children climbing all over me! 

Hopefully I have given you the confidence and guide lines on achiving a happy and healthy glow this summer without damaging your skin. 

Peace out tan mums! I'll see you on the dark side :)