Elf on a shelf


With the silly season in action and Christmas only a door knock away. ..

I'm finding my kids are starting to become feral... maybe it's because of daylight savings so our days are longer or it's the end of the year and they are just exhausted from kinder... 

Today I'm bringing you this fabulous product that was introduced to me only a few weeks ago from my amazing friend from "The Little Day's blog."  called THE ELF ON THE SHELF!

This product has come to me at such a perfect time. With River starting to ask questions "How does santa know if I've been naughty or nice?" or "How does he watch over every kid?" I now have the greatest tool to help keep the magic of christmas alive (without destroying childrens dreams with the truth). Elf on the Shelf is the answer. I've begun to get the girls excited about our little visitor from the north pole that comes on the 1st of December and is staying with us for 25 days.

What is The Elf on the shelf?

It's a toy that comes alive at night.  Santa has recruited his Scout Elves to stay at your house and watch over your children, you can name your elf (ours is called Rainbow Unicorn haha), tell he/she stories and give your  elf your christmas list, and once the children have fallen asleep, the elf will go back to the north pole and report to the big boss and give him your christmas list and let him know about their behaviour that day . Before the children wake, the elf will return to your home but will be in a creative and different spot in the house. Which is a fantastic way to get the kids excited and energised for the day! The elf comes with a book of rules and tells you what he/she will be doing for the duration of their stay. 

Where to get elf from the shelf?



Here are some fab ideas from Pinterest with the Elves best and funniest hiding places.  

Xo Love Jess and Rainbow Unicorn X0