Our favourite Victoria's Secret Angel, Candice Swanepoel who has been filling our instagram feeds with amazing belly shots (see below), gave birth on the fifth of October. Candice who has not been shy about hiding her amazing belly professionaly and personally has welcomed a baby boy.


Candice's fiance Hermann Nicoli has also been filling our feeds for months with beautiful and enviable couple shots, although he is yet to post a photo of their new son.


Candice and Hermann have named their boy Anacã,  Super cute, but what does the name Anacã mean? Swanepoel, who can speak Portuguese, Afrikaans, and English, named her son after the Brazilian word for "bird,"  Specifically, anacã means "red parrot." - This is of course is speculation as I am personally not in Candice's inner circle... but she did have a Safari themed baby shower back in August so the animal theme could be a clue. Anaca also means "Sweet Faced" in African-Hausa origins. Either way, we like it!



Love, love; love.

All images from @angelcandices & @hermannnicoli