WORLD NEWS: Worst kept secret is out... I'M PREGNANT!

I'm writing this at 10 weeks pregnant with my head in a bucket dry reaching! It looks like 1st trimester has struck me for the first time and hit me with full force. In both of my previous pregnancies I magically skipped this whole (all day and night) morning sickness business. Could this mean it's a "boy" this time? haha who am I kidding this uterus will only bare girls. 
(NO: I do not know the gender). BABY NUMBER 3! I still can't believe I'm shy of 26 and having a third. I clearly wasn't taught about the birds and the bees.

I'm excited, scared and feeling sorry for myself as I lay in bed with a bucket, two screaming kids and nearly eaten all my anti nausea medication like the hit game Pac-man. 
for anyone who knows me personally, through my pregnancy, espacially all the mums at Rivers school right now, know, I complain the whole time. I faint constantly. I have had placenta previa with one and boarder line pre-eclampsia with my other. Due to my scoliosis I also have severe back pain. Not to worry peeps I'm going to glow and rock this pregnancy, like all those hot mums on Insta "starting from....... NOW!!!"  With weekly spray tans and blow waves (sponsorship come at me haha), prego fashion on fleek (hubby, time to give up your credit card), I promise I will get a wax for once haha. I'm saying all this as this will hopefully be my last child as pregnancy just in general sucks for me. Now to convince my obstetrician to tie my tubes ;)

All the painful technicalities of pregnancy aside that seem to always happen to me, I am so excited to be adding a third baby to our family! Val and I are so lucky that pregnancy comes so easy to us and I don't take that for granted. This baby will probably be our last so I am going to try really hard to embrace this pregnancy. We have also decided NOT to find out the gender, although a boy would be wonderfully perfect for us, a third girl would be very special and most welcome too, so come on June! We can't wait to meet you little one- now to tell my baby Scarlett she is soon to be the middle child... 

Now the worst kept secret is out. Let's get this baby growing business started! 

Watch this space! @moderndaymumma, @jessi_roberts