Sugar VS Wax

It's summer time in Australia, which means one thing to most people- the beach! Which means one thing for most women (and men too)- HAIR REMOVAL. 

If pro hair is your thing, props to you (seriously, I admire your courage and can only imagine the dollars you are saving and the painless hours spent not having your hair removed...), however; if you are all about removing the bush, getting rid of winter (and lets face it probably spring as well) hair growth I have some insight for you on a new trend, that turns out isn't new at all. 


Sugaring has been around since the ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece. Early writings tell of Kings asking that women be brought to them clean and smooth... (pfff). The Egyptians are thought to be the first to develop the Sugar paste, where essentially sugar is mixed with lemon and hot water to create a natural, sticky paste. 

The paste is kept at specific temperatures to keep it in its paste like state, it should feel room temperature when applied to the skin, neither cold or hot. It is applied first in the opposite direction of the hair growth, and then the direction of the hair growth in a continuous method. After about three rubs up-down-up, it is flicked off in the direction of the hair growth- which is the opposite of waxing. 


I recently booked in for my first ever sugaring experience, a full Brazilian, Lip, and full legs. 

The first thing that is different is watching the therapist take a ball of what looks like molten honey, between her gloved fingers and mould it like she is playing with stress ball. We are doing braz first to get it over with. (This is my first full one in two years, and I'm bracing for the pain). The paste is applied and it isn't warm which is the first noticeable difference. It's different in a way that it feels a little bit more personal as the therapist literally is spreading it on you with her fingers and becoming very familiar with your intimate areas. I immediately think- at least she isn't wasting heaps of tongue dispenser sticks or cloth strips! 

I was told the pain would be less, as the wax doesn't grip the skin only the hair. False, it still hurts like a MF. I believe at one point that word even escaped my lips. The Brazilian seemed to be over quickly as the sugaring covers a lot of space. Moving onto the upper lip. The toe curling, eye watering upper lip of doom. On it went, off it came- and it was actually so bearable. Less stingy than having strip or warm wax on there. And it pulls all the hairs, so she didn't have to go over any spaces. Leg time! On it went, rub, rub rub; off it came. After a while my legs were numb so I didn't feel much and the tingling sensation was even nice?? I sat more upright and watched the process of it, which was super interesting. 


  • It's so natural you could literally eat it. 
  • It is great for people with sensitive skin, if you have reactions to sugars or honey you can take an antihistamine before. I was surprised that I had very minimal after pimply things. NONE on my Brazilian area or legs, and only two little ones on the upper lip. 
  • Sugaring over time can actually lead to less hair growth, finer hair or no hair at all, as the removal method can damage the follicle preventing hair growth!
  • It pulls the hair not the skin, meaning the skin retains elasticity. 
  • Clean up is so easy, you won't walk out with any sticky bits- you put a warm washer on and the sugar dissolves!
  • Pain- it still hurts, it's hair being ripped from your body. I would say it's less painful on the lip and legs than any waxing I've had previously. Brazilian was about the same, but maybe it's because I hadn't had a full one for a while. 


I am in Noosa right now and went to Ebony Beauty, which was recommended by my bestie Nadia from Derrive (check out her blog, it's amazing). If you happen to be in Noosa, and go to Ebony Beauty ask for Sam, she is hilarious. She had me in stitches laughing about our kids and husbands and she was more than happy to share her knowledge and experiences with Sugaring. 

A quick google search in your area should lead you to trained sugar therapist. 

Now that I'm hair free, it's off to the beach for the Summer.