Travelling with babies: Part 3 - Quick Tips

My last post on travelling with babies (dancing Spanish Girl emoji please), I’m sure you’re all ready for a new exciting subject anyway.

Here is some last minute Quick Tips for you lovely mummas.


Time for a Quickie

QT- Check the accommodation reviews on AirBnB from other guests, as it’s always comforting. Try to avoid hosts that show a pattern of cancelling.

QT- With my 1st born, I struggled with breastfeeding so she was mostly formula fed with the occasional breast feed when I could. So when travelling formula was a necessity. Don’t stress too much about taking 10 cans of formula as most countries have similar products with the same or similar tastes. As my mother said, "if she (or he) is hungry enough or wanting the comfort they will take it".

I know there’s a few issues with some formulas lately in China so speak to your local doctor or pharmacist on what they recommend is safe in that country for your peace of mind.

QT- Although I think Australia has the best nappies (I use Huggies) it’s pointless trying to pack for a whole trip. Keep your luggage light and buy local nappies (I took 2 weeks worth to Bali WTF never again). 

QT- If you have done any extra shopping on your travels you can pick up cheap suitcases or large striped checkered storage bags, which you can pick up in most markets or cheap stores. 

QT- I bought the travel pack of the Burer organics baby toiletries, which lasted beyond the time we were traveling (6 weeks). Small bottles are also much less likely to explode or leak.

QT- If you have any concerns about country health warnings and finding the best GP or hospitals where your staying, go see your local travel doctor. there is such a thing.

QT- If you do have the Yoyo Zen pram make sure you bring its travel bag with you, airplane companies a cracking down and want it in the travel bag if its going into your overhead. 

QT- I haven't tried this yet... A close friend thats been around the world with her 2 children under 3yrs has suggested deprive your children of TV for 24-48 hours it can help if you have a day flight.. I know it hard for those days leading up to departing, trying to get organise but if you can get help (MUM... MOTHER INLAW.... ANYONE!) the little ones will be glued a little longer or the whole time to the iPad or tv screen on the flight.

Please don’t be afraid to ask any questions.

Next time on MDM- travelling without babies (now, really, where is that spanish dancing emoji?).

Until then, Safe travels.


Enjoy the last of our European happy snaps xx