MACPAC - Stay warm, look fab



Winter is here! and today, I'm sharing my favourite winter must have jackets, to keep my #fambam warm this season.. 

I’m a Noosa (QLD) girl so Melbourne winter’s nearly kill me. Around May every year, I start to think how the hell am I going to stay warm for the next few months?! You tend to forget every year just how cold it really gets. No Jess, that cute jacket hanging with the fancy tassel’s will not keep you warm. Ok, I need a new jacket.

My checklist - trendy, light, easy to wipe down after all those grubby hands attack it, quality and of course WARMMMMMMMM!!! Aside from me - I need to protect my babies from Melbourne’s arctic winds and make the play at the park more enjoyable.

I’m over constantly asking and checking if they are cold and feeling guilty every time I go outside. 

After hundreds maybe thousands of dollars spent on jackets, I’ve found everything I need in one brand - hello Macpac! Their stuff is trendy and practical – winning combo. Unlike it’s many rivals it has ‘Urban Down Collective’ range – check it out hipster Mummies! Sah cool.

For adult jackets the price range starts around $100-$800 No matter what you purchase it’s an investment you won’t regret. Macpac stock includes - ski gear, hiking gear, water proof clothing, wind breakers, feather down’s, fleeces and all in an abundance of awesome colours and styles. We absolutely love their stuff.

You’re guaranteed to find something to keep those sniffles at bay through the winter months. Can’t wait to go back and stock up on ski gear!


I’m wearing the Solstice Down Coat & Terra Down Vest in size 8 from the cool new range - Urban Down Collective. And the kids are both wearing the Astro Hooded Down Jacket  in size 2 and 4.



Note: Macpac is generous in the children’s sizing so this is why you might not see some sizes on their website. River my oldest is usually a size 5 which they don’t stock. I got her the size 4 and it’s a perfect fit she will definitely have 2 winters in the Astro jacket.


Check out their website Lucky for you it’s MID YEAR SALE so go check out their stores and get one of their staff to help choose the right style and fit for you and your family.


Peace out active Mummas.


Xox JR