Introducing: Lisa Boyles

I’ve asked my best friend Lisa from the blog The Haven Stories to join forces with Modern Day Mumma and be a permanent resident on this blog. Lisa will share her own #mumlife stories and you'll soon discover you'll receive the best of both worlds as we lead very different lives and will share our varied opinions about this crazy world of parenthood and what works for us and more. This woman i’m about to share with the you is my biggest mummy crush and inspires me on a daily basis - which is exactly what us Mumma's need sometimes! Aside from all this she has a heart of gold, she is kind, loving and has the ability to see the positive in anything, I really hit the jackpot for a bestie. Welcome aboard Lisa! 

A little bit about this special girl of mine.

We met at a funeral, weird but true, and instantly had a connection. Apart from the fact we both love High School Musical, Kylie Minogue, green tea and popcorn we also have a magical chemistry even though we live 2 worlds apart (rural Queensland and the city of Melbourne). She is my soul sister and my soul mate. There is not many people in the world that know exactly how I feel or what I’m thinking and vice-versa.

Lisa is 3 years older than me, I was 15 and she was 18 when we became best friends. As I remember it many of our early years together consisted of Jäger bombs, road trips, pash and dash's on night club dance floors (mainly in Noosa!) and then a kebab to finish the night. But in reality I think we usually left early to have green tea and popcorn in bed watching High School Musical and asleep by 12pm, we were #noosanannies. In hindsight, I guess we were destined to be young wives and mummies.  

Watch out Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman there are two new best friends in the blogging world but in one piece bathers covered in pubes, shit, spew and stretch marks ;)


Jess and Lisa