I name thee...

Baby on the way or, simply have a new pet that needs a name? Trust me, I know the pressure of finding that perfect name. I specifically remember writing a "future baby name list" when I was 13. it consisted of names like, Zac, Justin, Sophie, Len, MyKellah, Reagan- all names of cool people I knew or just simply made up. Names that today I would never, ever use. Most people (women in particular) have their baby name set, even before having the baby on board- even before the baby daddy comes along! My girl name was 100% locked in, we both loved it and still do. Finding a boy name was a little more difficult. I thought I was in love with the name Kaiser then when I had the baby inside me, it was a reality, I was naming a human, this human had to live with it forever! Meet people and introduce itself, go to school with it, meet the love of his/her life with it! The name Kaiser was now just wrong for me

For some people it's a lot of pressure, there is so much to consider. Making sure the name does't rhyme with anything unfortunate (Josie/Grosie- we all saw Never Been Kissed), making sure the name doesn't clash with the surname (Julia Gulia- Drew Barrymore strikes again in The Wedding Singer). There is also the celebrity influences, Harper is the new Emma thanks to Victoria Beckham, Neil Patrick Harris, Dave Grohl and Lisa Marie Presley. The desire to be different often results in names like Rocket (Lara & Sam Worthington), and no one can forget Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin). My personal favourite though has to be Frank Zappa's kids names- Moon Unit, Dweezil and Diva Muffin! Sometimes, it's best to stick to the basics. 

I have compiled my top five "Classic" male and female names that are not so common for you to consider. 





English, derived from an English surname Wynnstan- meaning "Joy stone", or "Wines Town".

Minor irritant: associated with the cigarette brand- pack of winnie blues anyone?

Famous Winston's- Winston Churchill-world leader , Winston McCall- Lead singer of Parkway Drive. 



Welsh, derived from the name Elijah. The meaning of Ellis is "Benevolent".

Minor irritant: People may associate the name with Ellis Island, an immigration port in America which is now home to the statue of liberty. 

Famous Ellis's- Emily Bronte used the name Ellis Bell as her male pseudonym  when writing Wuthering Heights. 



Greek, derived from the name Theodore, meaning "Gift of God". I like Theo on it's own but it has a lot of variations, Thodore, Theobald, etc. 

Famous Theo's- Theo James- actor in divergent. Theo Rossi- Actor who played Juice on Sons of Anarchy. 



German origin, diminutive of the name Othello, meaning "Wealth and prosperity". The name is from the 7th century and was later favored by Greek royalty with three separate Kings named Otto. 

Minor irritant: People may pronounce it "Auto" thinking you must really love your mechanic.

Famous Otto's- Otto The Great- founder of the Roman Empire. Otto Mann- Bus driver on The Simpsons. Otto Wallach- Nobel prize winner. 



German origin, short form of Augustus meaning "Majestic and venerable". Lots of famous playwrights, actors, musicians and literary award winners over history have all adorned this name, so if you have a little artist, this could be the name for you. Augie and Gus make cute nicknames too!

Famous Augusts- August Strindberg a famous Swedish playwright. Sir August Manns a famous musical conductor. August Malk a famed novelist. 

Notable boys names to add to the short list: Foster, Roderick, Watson, Atlee, Tobias. 






English/Scottish, which was first found in 1296 as the word "Blithe" used to describe a happy or cheerful person. The word became a surname around the same time as "Blythe" taking on the same meaning. The first record of Blythe in Australia was in 1849 when a girl named Louisa Blythe arrived in South Australia. 

Famous Blythe's- Blythe Danner- actress, Blythe Baird is a young feminist poet and actress. Blythe Masters famed executive and economist. 



Scottish, diminutive form of Elspeth meaning "Pledged to God". Such a cute name which happened to be my great grandmothers name, she sure was a trooper. 

Minor irritant: This name is on the rise! It is the new Ella currently ranked number 32 in the U.K and last year was number 35 in Australia, we could see an influx of Elsie's coming up the ranks.

Famous Elsie's- Elsie Jannis- singer. Elsie Fisher actress and the voice of "Agnes" in Despicable Me. Elsie Stein- Toughest nanna out of Barraba who made a mean raspberry slice. 



Welsh origin, diminutive of Winifred, meaning "Fair and pure one" or "Blessed". Wynn was really popular in the 1800s and peaked in the 1940s. It's variants include, Win, Winne, Wynne, Wyn.

Minor irritant- rhymes with a lot of things, pin, sin, bin- may be problematic. 

Famous Wynn's- Wynn Everett, actress. Wynn Bullock a master photographer



Latin origin meaning "Eighth" commonly used through imperial families for the eight child, being either Octavius or Octavia. Octavia has the potential to overthrow the overly used Olivia. 

Famous Octavia's- The sister of Emperor Augustus and wife to Mark Antony. Octavia Spencer an Oscar winning actress. Octavia has been used in the Hunger Games as well as in the new show The 100. 



Welsh, meaning "Ice ruler". This name became more popular after an opera was released about two fabled lovers, Isolde being the Irish princess. You may recall the movie, Tristan & Isolde, ah love. Isolde is a refreshing welcome from all of the Isabella's and Isabel's getting around (thanks twilight). 

Minor irritant- She may get mouldy isoldey? haha.

Famous Isolde's- Isolde Kostner, a figure skater. Isolde from the Arthurian legend of the Irish Princess and her lover Tristan. 


Notable girls names to also consider: Olive, Quinn, Magnolia, Lottie, Amoret.


Here's the thing

You can name your child whatever you like, just make sure it's something you love and you think they would be proud of. We ended up having a boy and named him WYLIE which was his great grandmothers maiden name. It means "enchanting or well watered meadow". It has a nice family link, individuality and was once quite popular in the 1800s as "Wiley". 

Leave some of your own classical baby names in the comments! 

Good luck mummas and pappas!

Love, Lisa. x