Need to know before you go: Maldives Quick Tips

Need to know before you go: Maldives Quick Tips

I have gathered some information on things you need to know before going to the Maldives to make decision making and life a little easier for you and your traveling tribe.

Time for a QUICKY:

NOTE: Maldives isn’t just for honeymooners. There are plenty of child friendly hotels for example: Club Med, Holiday inn and The Sun Siyam.

NOTE: Australia recommend vaccinating against typhoid and hep A,  at least 2 weeks prior to leaving: children under 2yrs can’t have the Hep A vaccination but can have the typhoid. If you don’t want to immunise against these diseases just make sure you stay at clean western resorts (which most resorts are) and avoid salads and already chopped fruit rinsed in tap water. 

I always recommend talking to your GP before making vac decision. My children have both had typhoid immunisation from going to other countries before the Maldives. I didn’t get my kids immunised for Hep A. one of my children was too young (20 months) and my 4-year-old literally ran out the building when she saw the needle. Its been 2 weeks in the Maldives and my kids are fine. I have not given my children any salad and only have given fruit that I've peeled or washed myself.

QT: There is NO direct flights to the Maldives from Australia. The best way is to fly from your closest city direct to Singapore, then fly from Singapore to Male. We flew Singapore airlines economy, which has bassinets for infants and individual entertainment screens for every seat. 

QT: Maldives is a Muslim country please respect them and their traditions.

QT: Alcohol is not permitted. DO NOT bring duty free alcohol into the country, it will be confiscated at the airport. Don’t worry cocktail lovers the resorts have alcohol to cater for tourists but beyond the hotel, it is banned.

QT: Like Bali- YOU CAN’T DRINK THE TAP WATER! So keep your mouth shut when showering

QT: I recommend Booking with a travel agent to help organise hotel transfers, which can either be by boat or sea plane from Male (Maldives main Island) to the other atolls. 

QT: The time difference between Australia and Maldives is between 4-5 hours depending on what side of the Maldives your on.

QT: Maldives is never really cheap. If you want to save money, go in the wet season. We paid half the price and still had heat and sun with only a few storms and light showers that either quickly passed or only occurred at night. Plus, the wet season is great for surfers and to see Manta ray and whale sharks although general SCUBA is not as good as the dry season. 

QT:  Currency: It can depend on your hotel but you can use any currency. I’m finding US dollars and credit cards is a popular choice of payment. Check with your bank if paying in local currency is best - all credit cards have different international conversion fees.  

QT: Check out hotel packages, for example All Inclusive which means all the food you want and some selected cocktails. we did All inclusive package and the other family we went with didn’t and NOT doing the all inclusive worked out a lot cheaper. Then again , we are not big drinkers - if you want to spend a lot of your time inebriated, the all inclusive might work out for you! 

QT: There is limited money handling in the hotels. We stayed at Holiday Inn and Sun Siyam. Instead they ask for a deposit: Holiday inn $700 US and Sun Siam $2100 US. Money is then deducted from your deposit every time you eat, hire equipment, babysitting service, spa ext. and whatever balance is left over you will receive back at the end of your stay. You will be surprised how quickly things add up.

QT: BYO swimming nappies. Although the resorts will have extremely expensive nappies and wipes to buy, we have not seen swimming nappies anywhere. So if your baby still does the odd "aqua pooh" come prepared. We have had to resort to washing and drying swimming nappies that were not soiled. 

QT: you don’t need a visa in the Maldives if your staying under 30 days and only holidaying.  

QT: You don’t need to "tip" in the Maldives, all invoices will already have the tax and service fee included.

QT: The resorts are pretty good at smoking out the island or spraying your villas for mosquitos on request. I still highly recommend bringing mosquito repellent if your going in Wet season.

QT: In the Maldives the turquoise water sits around 27 degrees - definitely no need for wetsuits unless SCUBA diving. 

For anymore questions about the Maldives please leave a comment and I will get back to you.

Next on travel: I’m posting and reviewing on 2 places to stay in the Maldives with your children. 1st up Holiday Inn, Kandooma Island.