I do!

Welcome to September which is notoriously popular for weddings!

September will also mark my first wedding anniversary to my darling husband. I have been reminiscing about the day and of course my beautiful dress (technically "dresses"- yep I did it, I had two, I'm that bride). I tried on a fair few dresses before deciding that having a dress made was the way for me, it was unique, one of a kind and fit me perfectly. If this is the path for you I suggest you research your designer before jumping on board with the best price going around. I went to my designer Ania G Couture because she had made Jessica's dress and I absolutely loved her craftsmanship and attention to detail, using only the loveliest fabrics. She is also, a little eccentric.

I went to her with a simple off the shoulder, figure hugging silhouette and she turned it into so much more, more than I would have ever been able to describe or dream up, I guess there is a reason why I am a teacher and not a designer...


2017 Trends

According to a vogue article I was reading, the trends for 2017 will include, off the shoulder dresses, mid length gowns, metallic and colored gowns

and opting for pants instead of skirt! I've searched the web high and low and found some inspiration for you in varying prices and lots Australian made!


P.s - Good luck ladies, and don't forget to hashtag your wedding, even if it's a bit daggy- all of us who weren't invited love a good stalk and admiring session!



CAMEO gown by Calire Pettibone.

In LOVE with the delicate scalloped neckline and dainty off the shoulder strap supported by the illusion back piece.

The supremacy that is Inbal Dror... now stocked in Sydney, Australia.


Asos does mid length in an affordable and sweet fashion.

Australian brand LOVER doing all things magical with their latest White Magick Collection.


Rue De Seine bridal shows you how to do a little metallic in their latest, nomadic collection,

My god, the gold is beyond words. Australian label Aje made this custom gown.

Zimmerman lavish lace slip, rose gold heaven.



Grace Loves Lace show cases the new Mason pant.

Zuhair Murad


Haughton, Karen Willis Holmes, Daughters of Simon and Anna Campbell are also excellent quality brands you should check out for inspiration, or maybe even find your perfect outfit.

Major cool kid points can be scored if you go for a Reformation piece.


Lisa & Jess

Remember your wedding is all about you and your partner, do what feels best for you!

Love, LB.