Maldives with kids?  

You probably think why the hell, would you take your children to a honeymoon destination??

Well, Mumma's. I thought the same… AND GUESS WHAT? The Maldives isn’t just for honeymooners and rich people. There is plenty of impressive hotels that are made for kids and to suit all budgets.

So for you “Mum and Dad”, You can put your baby in a corner (kids club) and relax and enjoy a cocktail in peace.


.Kids club

.Baby sitting service


.Over the water bungalow.

Well, ladies, my checklist was approved by two fabulous hotels.  I’m now sitting in my water bungalow writing this blog post on the first island we went to called Holiday Inn, on Kandooma Island


Kandooma Island is about 40-minute speed boat from Male (Main island and where the international airport). Once reaching your destination of the tropical island of Kandooma, you are surround by white sand, turquoise water, surf, and reef just like the magazines and the KEWL (cool) people on Insta.


It’s a hotel Island, with 160 Villas and four different styles to choose from: Beach villa, family villa, garden villa and water bungalows.

We stayed in the beach villa at Holiday Inn as the water bungalow only allowed children over the age of 2 yrs for safety reason

SERVICES:  free Wifi / air-conditioning / gym and spa / two outdoor pools with one children's pool with slides / cocktail lounges / doctor / kids club / restaurants / water equipment hire / excursions / surf and super friendly staff. 

Facilities for the kids.

Kids Club:  Where they can read books in the library upstairs, be creative, play games and watch movies, all in aircon overlooking the kid's pool.

BIG HIT- My children loved finding hermit crabs with the staff and having hermit crab races.

NOTE: The kids club only takes ages between 4-12yrs. If your child is under 4, they can still enjoy the kids club with a hired babysitter for $13US PLUS PLUS (tax and service charge) per hour.  

Baby sitters: Round the clock for $13 US (not including tax and service charge).

Meals: KIDS EAT FOR FREE! Kids have their very own mini buffet as well as a kid’s menu. If there is something your child might want to eat or has allergies, Holiday inn try their very best to accommodate for you and your child needs.

Aqua life discovery centre: A place that children can go to discover, touch and learn about the Maldives marine life from one of there local marine biologist.

Learn to surf: There is a camp that runs for 3 days,  where the children can learn how to surf as well as safety out in the water. After the 3-day program the friendly staff put on a ceremony where the kids will receive a certificate for their achievements. 

NOTE: It says between 6-12 years old. If your child is a confidant swimmer and you go out and assist them and the staff they can make changes. My daughter is 4 and it's her absolute highlight of the trip.

Kids mini snorkelling: Where an instructor takes the children to the shallow pool, to teach them skills and to gain confidants for the ocean.

Doctor: Hopefully you don’t need a doctor, but Yes there is a qualified doctor on the island.

Parents facilities:

Spa: I had the pleasure to have two spa treatments, deep tissue, and Indian head massage. I have to say the staff is experienced and fantastic at what they do.  So enjoy a must have a spa treatment while the kids are entertained. You deserve it mummas.

Spa Treatments- Roughly cost around $150 AUD for an hour.

Surfing: Yes, there is Surfing on the island for $90 US (plus plus) a day, which isn't mentioned on the Holiday Inn website ( a bit of a sting once we arrived ). To work your way around this hidden fee mention it to your travel agent as they can book the accommodation through the website called (click link) THE PERFECT WAVE, which will include or give you options of packages and deals with the surfing side of things on and off the island.

There are two breaks on Kandooma: Reef break for the more experience and a sand bank break for the learning and the kids.

They also charter boats off the island to find the perfect wave for you or your group. 


Stand up paddle boards. 



Snorkelling gear.

Check all this out and more with the staff at the water centre on equipment hire and surf trips ext.

Diving experiences- (Click Link) for farthing information. 

Executions for you and the family: Snorkelling trips, swimming with the turtles and visiting other islands just to name a few (click link) Holiday Inn executions

Yoga:  Yoggies! 7am every morning for $20US (plus plus) you can also bring a partner for free. You can start your day with yoga to feel relaxed and energised.

Activities room for adults: where parents can go to have a quiet cocktail at the bar or on the comfy lounges to catch up on reading or work.   

Fitness centre: Equipment with treadmills bikes and weights.

Wi-Fi: Fast internet to upload all your awesome photos onto Instagram.

Dining experience: There is always something going on at night on Kandooma island. Sea food BBQ on the beach, Buffet, roof top cocktail bar, feeding the reef sharks and sting rays.  The list is endless. check with the staff what’s happening on what night.

Bars: There is plenty of cocktail bars around the island. On the beach, roof top, pool ext. so you will never be left empty handed.

One of my favourite parts about being on kandooma island is the local village across the water. Being a Muslim country. every morning, afternoon and night the village chants and sings to the gods which is heard through out the island.

Although the resort doesn’t like you venturing to “the locals island” my husband took River over on the stand up paddle board, where they were welcomed by some local children. We often find Muslim communities are so welcoming and friendly - River was instantly adopted as a new friend as they showed off their swimming skills, while one of the elders was keen to tell hubby about their local culture.

If you haven’t already read "Need to know before you go: Maldives Quick tips". Check it out on TRAVEL- I have shared notes and important information, that will make your traveling to the Maldives a little easier.