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Hello fresh!


Okay mummas, are you over the 4pm daily anxiety when you think “what the hell am I going to cook for dinner?” Not to mention the dread of taking your kids to Coles during the 4 o’clock rock.

Too often I think “f%#k it”, we’re having take-away again and of course hubby cracks it that he doesn’t have another home cooked meal and all that organic shopping you did at the beginning of the week (with the best intentions) will in up in the bin again.

Or is that just me? and I’m just super disorganize and HATE HATE HATE COOKING…

Well I have finally stumbled across the solution that has taken the stress away and even made me look forward to cooking!  

Please welcome into your lives… HELLO FRESH!!! (link here)

This online company is brilliant! Hello fresh does the crappy part of decision making and shopping by delivering all the ingredients needed for simple and really tasty meals.

In the past I have tried “light and easy” which was good when I was simply trying to keep my head above water but not great long term.

Hello fresh is totally different. This company started in Berlin in 2011 and has quickly spread over 3 continents. The main appeal is the convenience and affordability, but the business has a great “feel” as they support local farmers, recycle and try to use organic and humanly farmed meat wherever they can.

Oh did I mention it’s all proportioned, so nothing wasted… SMART...The ordering is fairly flexible you can choose

- how many meals you would like for that week

- how many people to cook for

- your lifestyle: plant base or normal haha (nothing against plant base, I was veggo for 6 years).

As a family I get the classic box which is a variety of cuisines and ingredients for four people with 3 or 5 meals a week. I also get the “juice box” to make yummy fresh juices and a “fruit box” which is massive so there is always fruit for snacks. All under $200.

(My husband would always like me to remind you to rinse your mouth with water after eating fruit and smoothies to make sure you don’t get tooth decay!)

I would recommend starting with only 3 meals a week as I was surprised at how many nights we made “other plans” - either take away, going out or can’t be arsed tonight so its porridge, toasted sandwiches and fruit for all, haha.

If you go online now and order your first box and get $30 off your fist purchase.

Above all it’s the perfect way to save money so the allowance ladies you get from your husband on food can be spent on more important things like shopping haha.

NOTE: Hello Fresh also pack everything to portion including the herbs and spices so before adding chili to your meal, taste it and if you want it spicier just add it to your meal or add it last after serving it to the kids.  

Clink link to start a less anxious life with HELLO FRESH

Mwah JR