NEW YORK: New York

I'm super lucky that I have gone to New York every year since 2013, and every time I go I fall more in love with the concrete jungle. I haven't taken my little girls to New York as THE NYC is my little/big haven, where I got to chill out unwind and enjoy it with girlfriends or my man. 

Even though I miss my girls terribly when I go. That week away makes me a better wife and mum. I come back refreshed, revamped and ready for another year of chaos.

So mummies, If your planning on taking a trip to the BIG APPLE with or without kids. Here is the list of places you can't miss when whooping it up in the BIG NYC. 


20-hour flight: There is NO direct flight to New York from Australia. It's a 14-hour flight to LAX (Los Angelas) with a connecting flight of 6 hours to JFK (New York). 
Taxi ride from the airport to New York city will coast around $50 $60 USD (plus plus) tax and service fee


Sohotel: I have always stayed at SOHOTEL located in the best part of town Soho. It a boutique hotel in prime location and super affordable. Its walking distance to all the cool shops and restaurants like La Esquina, Little Italy, Balthazar and the subway. 

Soho Trump: You want glitz and glam and to spot a celebrity? Stay here and sit in the foyer. We stayed here for our honeymoon. If you want to stay somewhere nice and have the money, this is the place to stay as it's at the heart of everything and walking distance to Balthazar, shopping and other cool restaurants and venues. 




Australian cuisine: Okay, I love you New York, but your coffee SUCKS! If you want an Australian coffee head over to BLUESTONE LANE, not a big cultural experience as all the staff are AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!! But damn you guys know how to make a latte and a smash Avo breakfast, You just might see #Carriebradshaw (SJP) and #taylorswift getting their morning fix. 


American: The first coffee house to open in New York's Upper East side, this place is like walking into a Tim Burton version of Alice In Wonderland. With an amazing collection of ceiling lamps  clocks and toys, this place is fun and quirky. Make sure you order their famous cold hot chocolate... I do warn you, it's huge.

Helpful hint: Try and go during the day for lunch where waiting for a table doesn't take 3 hours!  


French: A French restaurant in the heart of Soho (lower east side) where continental breakfast is their thang. My personal favourite, toasted bagel with salmon and cream cheese yummy. It's also another hot spot for celebrity sight seeing. I saw Drew Barrymore and Michelle Williams here... so it must be good, right??? This place is unbelievable and in the perfect spot to grab something to eat before shopping. 


Japanese: The day I land in New York, I'm here sipping on fabulous cocktails and eating the best Japanese in NYC. This place is super famous and has been in heaps of movies and TV shows. After having dinner, make sure you go downstairs to the cocktail lounge, it's a fantastic way to socialise and get some useful tips on what happening around NYC from the locals.


Italian: The Italian district where it's all about family and food. Any restaurant you go to in Little Italy has food made with love and passion. It's like eating dinner or lunch at your Italian Nonna's house - loud, fun and flowing wine! 


Mexican: I'm going to make a huge call, but La Esquina is one of my favourite places in the world. The food is fabulous and the margaritas are to die for. La Esquina on Friday night is magic, from dinner to nightlife, this is a one-stop shop for a good time.
Don’t be fooled by its facade, La Esquina is called The Corner Deli, located in Soho. It looks like a small take away business but follow the stairs underground and you'll be blown away.


American: Like La Esquina, Beauty on Essex is not what it seems. From the entrance all you see is a thrift shop, but a secret door opens to a world of luxury cocktail lounges and a restaurant with a grand chandelier that scales from floor to ceiling. If you want to eat and drink like a rock star, this is the place to go - they even serve champagne for the ladies in the restroom. You haven't experience America's fine dining if you haven't ordered their baby back ribs.


Burlesque: If you have watch Gossip girl, you have seen THE BOX (The club Chuck Bass bought). If dancing, Lingerie,nudity is something you're interested in, The Box is the place to go. Circus acts and burlesque all rolled into one and my gosh the performances are spectacular.   

From memory, you can either pay an entry fee and have a drink at the bar to watch the show or book a booth on their website that starts around $500 USD which includes a bottle of wine or champagne.

Doors open at 11 pm and the show starts at 1 am in the morning so make sure you order an espresso martini.


Cocktail Lounge: Want a loo with a view and the best top-floor cocktail lounge in New York? BOOM BOOM ROOM aka the top of the Stanford, is the place to be.  This place really is a place to dress to impress. With a sunken bar and Grand finishes, it's like stepping onto a James Bond set.  


There isn’t a district that’s dedicated to Broadway.. It's all over New York.

Broadwayyou can book through your concierge, but if you want discounted prices go to a ticketing booth where you can receive up to $45% off shows and last minute deals.

Apollo theatre: We went to amateur night, which is a mixed bunch of the talented and not so talented. You can see anything from dance, singing, music and comedy and if you don't like them you can scream and boo them off the stage haha. It's also where a lot of comedians like Amy Schumer started out! 


Basket Ball: If you're travelling in season, October – April, The basketball is a must. The atmosphere is unbelievable and the people watching is even better. Actually... nothing beats the half time entertainment.

If you're in New York, make sure you see the Brooklyn Nets.  I saw Jay-Z, Rita Ora, Rob Kardashian and Kim's Ex, Kris Humphrey playing for the team (2013). We had court side tickets that cost around $500USD each. Look online as the tickets can sell from anywhere between $20 to thousands of dollars.


Taxi and ubers take way to long to get from place to place and it quickly adds up $$$. If you want fast, cheap and entertaining, catch the subway (train) where you will see talented buskers dancing, singing and busting out literally on the trains.  


The Apollo theatre/ Chelsea Markets/ Highline (meatpacker district) / Central Park - Hire a bike and have a picnic / Empire State Building / Rockerfella / Jimmy Fallon live/ shop in Soho (Lafayette and Spring Street)/ Brooklyn markets

Chelsea market

Chelsea market


WOODBURY: Want Prada, Jimmy Choo, Dolce and Gabbana and other designer labels all for huge discount prices? YES OF COURSE YOU DO!!! Make sure you book a bus to WOODBURY. It's about a 1-hour bus trip from time square but worth the trip. I go every year and stock up on everything designer. If that doesn't get you there.. let's just say Jimmy Choo for $200 and D&G sunnies for $50. BOOM!!!! 

NOTE:  Restaurant reservation and Jimmy Fallon tickets open up three- four weeks prior to attending, and they all book up fast. So if you were thinking of being organised, check out the website for dates on booking openings to get in first.

stay tuned to our NYC photo diary.

Enjoy New York!