So, I've been living in Far North Queensland for over a year now (woo hoo!) And I thought it is about time I bring you some of the amazing highlights and secret spots to visit. Today I give you...

Archer Point Beach


The Yuku Baja Muliku people are the Traditional Custodians of Archer Point, which is located 20km South of Cooktown, North Queensland. Our traditional lands border two of Australia’s world heritage areas – the Wet Tropical Rainforests of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. The rich biodiversity of the region includes turtles, dugongs, Bennett's tree kangaroos, and striped possums. The region includes some of the most pristine fringing coral reefs in the tropics and it is the convergence zone between the healthy and stable turtle and dugong populations of Cape York and the declining populations to our south. There is a turtle rescue centre and rehabilitation centre that is specific for this area which you can visit.

The Details

Archer Point itself is a tall headland which gives you 360 degree views of rich land and sea. It's usually windy as heck up there but worth the view!


You can camp at many spots (permits required), and we love the sandy side, which is the first entrance on the right. It has epic views, hidden from the wind, and on clear days in winter swimmable (of course there is always a chance of a stinger or croc so enter at your own risk)- but the waters are CRYSTAL CLEAR! Some of the most amazing colours I have ever seen, pictures do not do it justice. There are often kite surfers in this bay, so I feel safer dipping in the water.

When camping here, a few important things to remember:

  • Bushmans- insect repellent in the cape is a must.
  • Sunscreen which also has a mossie repellent in it. I like this bushmans one.  
  • Rubbish bags- this is one of few camping spots in the cape with a skip bin, but all rubbish must be removed.
  • Food- There are no shops close to the area, except a drive into Cooktown, so if you a bunking down, take what you need.
  • Spotlights- to see if you can spot any crocs at night time!
  • Camp at least five to ten meters away from the sand/shoreline.
  • And all those other camping safety dos and dont's!

Archer Point has a beautiful beach you can explore, lots of soldier crabs and little star fish to find. There are hammocks hanging from trees that have been left behind to laze around on. It's simply the most relaxing place, away from mans interference. You have plenty of nature to feed your soul and get your earthing and grounding on.

And of course, take some friends to make some memories with!

So next time you are planning a tropical Vay-Cay with an Aussie twist, think of Far North Queensland, because this spot is a winner, mummy, baby and daddy approved.

Love, love, love.