MAldives Part 2: Sun SIyam

Our family was lucky enough to visit two islands in the Maldives in 2016. 
The first island I loved and have already posted about (Click link) Kandooma Island Holiday Inn. 
The second island we visited was Sun Syiam. This island and resort is like The 4 Seasons Hotel or The W of the Maldives but is very kid friendly. 
If you're going to this island, be willing to up your budget.
When you think of all those postcards of the MALDIVES, that is Sun Siyam. This place is magical if you want the perfect “water hammock picture” for Instagram and a luxury over the water bungalow. 

How to get there.

There are NO direct flights from Australia to the Maldives main island "Male". The quickest way to get there is from your closest International Airport to Singapore, then catch a connecting from Singapore to Male. 
From the Male international airport, there will be a shuttle that will take you to the airports or even fancier resort Seaplanes, where you will fly for 45 minutes over the beautiful islands of the Maldives before landing in Sun Siyam. 


Sun Syiam is an island resort like most Maldivian islands, one resort to one island, so privacy and luxury are what it’s all about. 
There is up to 5 different restaurants offering five different cuisines such as
Japanese, Italian, Asian, seafood, or snack bars by the pool that serve a mix of everything and of course awesome cocktails. You could also choose the Sun Siyam huge buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner which caters to all cultures. 


There is a whole range of villas to stay in from beach villas to over the water bungalows, private pools to a private beach and of course the huge luxury villas fit for a princess or a celebrity. 
Cost: It all depends on season and what room. We went in the off-season (rainy season) July school holidays, so prices were massively reduced and for an over the water bungalow for eight nights we spent just over $1000 per night, which included the fantastic buffet breakfast. 
Just keep an eye out on deals like on (click links) “luxury escapes” or at destination HQ (our local) as there are some amazing deals popping up.

Beach Villa: Our friends stayed in. 

Beach Villa: Our friends stayed in. 

Our little Haven.. 

Our little Haven.. 

NOTE: There is no money handling between you and the staff during your stay - everything you do and eat is billed to your room. So dome comes laden with cash or traveller's cheques. 
Be careful, though - it can all seem very free until check out. 
For everything we did and ate we just spent under $2k which we found out is average for most people staying on Sun Siyam. They take a deposit of around $1500 at the start of your stay, so paying an extra $500 didn’t sting. 


Doctor: What every mum wants and needs to know. "Yes," there is a doctor. Open from 9am-1pm then re-opens again from 4pm-7pm every day.

Kids Club: A fantastic kids club where they have a variety of rooms to suit all little people’s wild imaginations. Ages from 3yrs to 12 yrs your kids roam free in the kids club. If your child is under 3, you can organise a personal babysitter to look after your kids in the kids club. Be aware that you need to arrange this 24 hours in advance.

Babysitting: This is a round the clock service. Perfect if you want a late night out eating and drinking fancy cocktails. 

Ice Cream and dessert parlour: I'm not sure if it was in our package or it goes for everyone. But from late afternoon around 3ish until 5ish you are allowed to go down to the ice cream parlour and choose a free ice cream from the many flavours.

> kids pool

> Snorkelling and stand up paddle boarding

> Hermit crabs cover the island's sand, so we had our hermit crab races and collected them for play dates at our bungalow. 


> Tennis courts, gym, spa, yoga, adults lounge and
Cocktail bars.

> Adults only pool 

This island is mostly self-sustained, and they grow most of their produce. The downside is the fertiliser they use stinks, and they use this next to the tennis courts. So if the heat doesn’t put you off tennis, the smell does. 

Water sports for all: snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding, diving, speed boat, sailing, jet skiing, canoes and of course scuba diving and kitesurfing. 

Special note from my husband: 

Scuba: You may get the opportunity to see whale sharks or the amazing manta ray migration. The scuba club offers diving for all levels as well a licence qualifications if you have the time for it. 
The kitesurfing is incredible here. They will pump up your kite, set up it, launch and land it so you can just jump on and leave when you like. And winds are consistent and cross shore giving you a beautiful beach to kite on… and you will probably have it all to yourself!
BEWARE!!! the brochure says that “all water sports are included except motorised sports”. Obviously, kite surfing has no motor, but when you get there, they will want to charge you close to $100 AUS a day. If you are planning to kitesurf, ask them to include the kitesurfing with your booking in writing. They are likely to incorporate it if you have it in an email but will charge you for it if you just turn up. 

NOTE: There is no surfing on or around this island. 

Other Activities. 

Make sure you check out their daily activities as they regularly change. 
Such activities like snorkelling safaris, manta ray swimming, happy hour, yoga, pilates, live Dj or band, lobster BBQ, MOET and bubble night (was fantastic), fishing, martini magic night... the list is endless. 

Overall Sun Siyam was beautiful, and the kids loved it. Even though it was a little over our budget eight nights was enough, we have no regrets as this truly is the heart of the Maldives. Our family highlights were our over the water bungalow, snorkelling just off our room with the kids and hermit crab collecting. For hubby, it was the kite surfing, and if you love scuba, it is world class here! 

The Maldives is truly one of my favourite places with children. We left hoping to come back again, and even my five-year-old asks “when are we going back to the Maldives”. 

For more information on the Maldives click link " Maldives need to know before you go".. 

Did you know? That in the Maldives the ocean water sits between an exceptional temperature of 27- 29 degrees all year round.  

Next week's post is all about the beautiful Island of the Philippines "BORACAY" 

Enjoy our travel family diary pics on Sun Siyam.