DELIVERY VIA C-SECTION- Scarlett's birth

I know... I'm running a little behind with blog post over the last few months and this New born bubble stage isn't bursting anytime soon.. I literally have nine blog post's that have been sitting in my draft since MARCH! arghh.

Anyways over the next 2 weeks, I will publish- Pregnancy journey and routine , Our Baby Moon in Boracay and of course Jagger's Birth photo diary. 

Delivery via C-section 

It’s the night before having my third baby and I’ve just found my birth photos of my second daughter, Scarlett.

This will be my third cesarean birth. Whenever anyone asks how my labors have been, I always feel like I have to justify why I had a c- sections and not natural births. There is a lot of judgment out there towards elective cesarean’s but also glorification of woman who had “natural births without drugs”. In the end, like all things in life, it’s your decision and it’s shitty that people feel they need to put you down for not sharing their values.

Personally, I didn’t have much choice… I had stage two Placenta Previa with my first pregnancy and was advised not to attempt a natural birth. I followed my obstetrician’s advice and during the birth, the condition was worse than expected and was in fact stage three Placenta Previa and I hemorrhaged quite badly – this would have more than likely caused my own and baby’s death without modern medical help.

My second pregnancy, during the last trimester, I fainted nearly daily due to pressure on my blood vessels (ascending vena cava ) and was hospitalized with signs of Preeclampsia. Again, I was advised, and chose to have a planned cesarean birth.

This pregnancy has been my easiest. No daily fainting, no blood pressure issues and no vomiting (just all day and night dry reaching)… pretty smooth sailing really. But due to the risk of uterine rupture along existing cesarean scars, my obstetrician has advised a C-section. Guess what I’m going to do?!!!!

I do feel like I have missed out on that “woman’s only” feeling of labor and giving birth, but I have 2 gorgeous and healthy girls and I am healthy and ridiculously happy with my family. Before modern medicine, my conditions would have jeopardized the health or even life of myself and my unborn child, so I thank my amazing and caring obstetrician and team of sonographers, midwives and hospital staff that have helped along the way.

I envy and admire you who have done it the natural way and support those of you have not been able/chose not to.

Good luck to all, and good luck to me for tomorrow when another beautiful soul will join our family.



Scarlett Valentina Roberts 

born: 07.11.2014