I’m getting asked on Instagram what products I use and where is it from.   

So I have put together a little list of goods and links to my must-have baby essentials.  For all the expected mummies or gift givers….

Note: All product headings are linked to their online shop.. HAPPY SHOPPING!



This is a must baby essential to get through the first four months. The mattress is elevated at the head and feet and it is cradle shaped. This means your bubs will feel like they’re being cuddled and because of the head and leg elevation it helps with colic and reflux.

As I mentioned on my IG, this mattress has been an absolute godsend for Scarlett and Jagger who have had reflux and colic.

The knit studio: 

Looking for the perfect gift or to keep your child warm in style? The Knit Studio is a cute blanket company online, where you can customise colour, name and font as well as choose size and fabric. Reasonably priced and on point with the “customized” trend.

Totes Savvy: 

This is such a fantastic idea from the U.S. I'm still in shock this wasn't invented a decade ago. We all know how ugly baby bags can be and expensive eeeek! 

This company has come up with a solution, where you can still have a little bit of your identity and keep using your favorite handbag.

The totes savvy is a compact and transferable nappy bag AHHH #praiseingthelordemoji that fits perfectly into your stylish tote bag, while keeping all your baby essentials nice and tidy.

Mister fly: 

I only just received this as a gift for Jagger but I'm already obsessed! It's a beautifully soft and squishy play mat that comes in super cute colours and animal shapes. It's perfect for Jagger free nappy time and a little stretch after a sleep.

It also works perfectly with my Bella Buttercup (below), making it into a beautiful play bar mat.

Bella buttercup: 

I’ve recently got the “Bella Buttercup” play bar. What I loved about this product that its solid and stylish and I can still use my soft Mister fly play matt.

I’ve had my fair share of plastic play bars so it’s nice to have something made of natural products and actually looks beautiful in our house.

Love to dream swaddle: 

Newborn babies love to be tightly wrapped as they don’t have control over their reflexes and sudden movements cause them to wake.

Our 3 kids have all loved sleeping with their arms up above their heads for the first 0-4 months. I think they felt too constricted with their arms down?

“love to dream swaddle” allows the baby’s arms to be above their heads but still has the benefits of feeling secure and is considered safe sleeping. 

Medela brest pump: 

If you're looking for THE perfect breast pump - go with the medela. I have used at least three other brands of breast pumps, but this is the only one on the market that I have found easy and nice to use on my cracked nipples. You can adjust the speed to your boobie’s needs and the suction is a similar motion as a baby breastfeeding.

Mum + Bub smartband

I’m a super disorganised person who lives in chaos haha hence why I have 100 posts sitting in draft and can’t get my shit together to even proof read them.

The Mum and Bub smartband is similar to a fitbit but better and more helpful.

The watch alarm vibrates and sends a msg whenever you need to

-       feed bubs, sleep time for bubs,

-       my sleep, drink water reminders

-       exercise reminders, appointment reminders

-      As well as tracks the babies movement when pregnant

Put whatever you need in there -  the list is endless and it can really pull your life together. The only catch is I had to actually set it up! It sat in my “things to do” basket for a month before my husband finally set it up for me. 

Yo yo Zen Pram:

At 6.4 kg, this pram fits down the aisle of the planes and can go into your overhead language but for some reason I'm using this pram more then any of my other prams in day to day life, its light, easy to fold and unfold and has a strap to carry- I’m Obsessed with it.

Hope you get as much enjoyment out of these as I do!