Routine with : Mustela

I have had a few people asking me what my routine is with "three children".

I'm not much of a "routine person" and during the day; I'm rarely at home,  I always have something to do or someplace to go, which involves my children in tow. 

If there is any structure in my day, it's the mornings before school drop off and my night time routine. 
because " Hey, Kids need and love routine". 

I feel from 4 o'clock onwards it's so important to be strict on routine as the kids are tired and they know what's about to happen each hour leading up to bedtime, so fewer breakdowns. 

My favourite part of my night with my babies is bath-time, oh and the song from the "night garden".
Bathtime for us is a place of reflection, meditation and relaxation in my family, with the girls being bathed at 4 pm because....
A- I'm a germaphobe and need to wash the day off them, from school and park life.
B- It's one less thing, I have to do before bedtime. 
 I bath Jagger around 6:30 pm before he goes down for the night around 7 pm (don't worry guys he doesn't stay down, he wakes about three times before 12 am arghhh).

So if you came to this post looking for a routine or schedule you've come to the wrong place, as I'm a live in the moment type person/mummy. The real reason is I wanted to share the one thing I can't live without for the kids, which is used ALWAYS! 

I have been a massive fan of the product Mustela for over five years. 
My pharmacist recommended it, and I haven't looked back. 
I love it so much, not just because it smells divine but its gentle on their skin with NO hidden nasties. Its one of the very few baby products on the market that caters for all skin types such as dry, normal or oily skin. 


Step 1- All my babies have dry skin. Every night when I run their bath, I always put no more than a tablespoon of Mustela bath oil to keep the kid's skin soft and hydrated. 

Step 2- I then wash them with Mustela all in one, top to toe wash. Its gentle on the skin, eyes and hair and it smells delicious. 

Step 3- In summer, I'm more likely to moisturise the girls every couple of days. Being in chlorine, salt water and having sunscreen on, it takes a toll on their skin, so it's important to me to keep their skin hydrated through the hotter months, and the girls love using the Nourishing lotion "moisturiser". They feel very grown up when doing it themselves. 
As for Jagger, having colic and reflux (I know right... killer combo haha) every night, I'll massage him after his bath to help settle his tummy and pray to god I'll get more than 2 hours sleep hahaha.

Step 4 - I don't use it much, I've been lucky in the nappy rash department, but if I see a little redness, I love using Mustela's Vitamin barrier cream. Its a preventative for future bum rash, soothes and recovers. 

So.... If you haven't yet found a product, suited for your "tiny tribe". I highly recommend using Mustela which you can buy from most of your local pharmacies. Follow the link to buy online. MUSTELA
(P.s I wasn't paid for this, just love the stuff-Mustela if your listening though, hit me up!)