Celebrity Baby Names 2018, 20 far...


It seems like the celebrity baby train is in full swing this year, babies are popping out left, right and centre, or maybe it feels like that because of, well... all the Kardashian's popping out babes.

And we cannot deny that the celebs do have an impact on the way society views the name and it can affect its popularity- Harper has to be the best example of this, so many celebs have a Harper and Harper has now risen to the top 10 names for girls for 2017.

Some celebs play it safe, others crave the more creative and individual name. Here is a glimpse of some of the names already rolled out this year...



Ivey Joan- Jamie Lynn Spears

Adrienne Josephine Alice- Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Mia Love- Robin Thicke

Story Annabelle- Aaron Paul

Betsy Mack and Emory Jo Anna- Hillary Scott

Gio Grace- Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine

Chicago- Kim & Kanye West

True- Khloe Kardashian (and he shall not be named)

Stormi- Kylie Jenner

Minnie Theodora- Jack Osbourne

kylie jenner and stormi.jpg


Billy- John Stamos

Bo Alexander- Roy Orbinson Jnr.

Beckett Richard- Michael Phelps

Bodhi Robert and Ranger Joseph- Aj Buckley

Forrest Bradley- Jesse James Decker

Francisco- Lin Manuel Miranda



still waiting ...

Okay, so far there are a few notables- I think Stormi will be popular, and some that are a little old (Mia... Forrest.... even Ivy has been hogging the spotlight for some time...)

We are still waiting on some celebrities to pop, first time mum Kirsten Dunst and Eva Longoria. Chrissy Tiegen is awaiting number 2. Duchess Kate has her third, we can all agree it won't be named after a city or weather condition. I can't wait to see what Cardi B names her baby- my guess is something like "Majesty" or "Prince" ... "King" or "Royal". Kate Hudson is finally getting a girl to add to her two boys, and our notebook babe Rachel McAdams is expecting her first. Aussie babe Miranda Kerr is also up the duff! This also seems to be the year for girl babies, hmmm I wonder if the Chinese Zodiac counter app is responsible for all of this...

kirsten dunst pregnant.jpg
miranda kerr pregant.png


We can't wait to hear the names of all these bubs to come!



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