Dyson Airwrap Review

Dyson Airwrap

We all know styling tools are so damaging for your hair, regardless most of us still use them every day - curlers, blow dryers, straighteners!

But, what if I told you there was one product on the market that can do the job of multiple tools and as an added bonus won’t cause as much damage to your hair as the rest? I can hear you now… (Praising hand emoji) YES PLEASE, TELL ME MORE!!

Introducing the Dyson Airwrap.

Now let me be clear this post is not endorsed and I have not been paid to write this review. I am so over the fake product reviews that are being shoved down our throats on Instagram, I don’t believe half the shit that’s being pushed through all our socials. This one has featured on a few accounts I follow so I wanted to give it a fair go, for myself and give you all a 100% honest review. Two weeks ago I purchased the Dyson Airwrap RRP $750. I know. This is a huge price tag, and for me a risky choice considering the mixed reviews I have read.

My hair natural hair is that awkward length where I burn myself every single time if I use my curling wand and just looks so meh when I straighten it. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I practically live at Dry and Tea, and love good blow (wave). I feel more confident when I know my hair is styled well. Breastfeeding killed my hair and it has never fully recovered. So for me, if the Dyson Airwrap lives up to its claims – then it’s a sound investment!

So what is the Dyson Airwrap?

It's basically a blow dryer that blows your hair into curls, volume or straightens. It measures airflow temperature which regulates heat to ensure your hair is drying under 150c not at 200c as most styling tools do.

It comes with:

Two 40mm curling barrels, for soft beach curls.

Two 30mm curling barrels for tighter curls.

One firm brush to straighten curly or coarse hair

One soft brush to straighten fine hair,

One volumizing brush for body and bounce

One blow dryer.

The benefits

Each curling barrel comes with an arrow that tells you the direction the hair will be blown into so you can curl your hair in the direction away from your face.

Hair salon style in half the time - for medium hair length like mine, it takes me 10 minutes from wet to style, and it doesn't burn your hair or skin.

The Dyson Airwrap comes with everything you could possibly want to be able to style your hair your way.

It is quick - especially if you’re a mother and don't have time to spend 20-30minutes in the mirror doing your hair or the help and money to have a blow wave at a salon.

The downfalls

It takes a few goes to get the hang of using the Airwrap.

If you have long hair (bum length), the barrels for the curling wand aren't long enough to carry it from top to bottom, and it will only curl the very bottom of the hair

If you have thick long hair with NO layers – your hair is to heavy for the curls to stay in and will drop out within a few hours.

If you have curly or coarse hair, this is perfect for blow drying your hair straight when using the brush attachments and then curl with the barrels after. The only problem is you will have to use a straightener on your roots to keep the frizz or your flyways smooth as it tends to blow your shorter bits away from the barrel.

It doesn't hold the curl overnight- I will do my hair the night before and wake up like a train wreck (and yes, I sleep on silk pillowcase). I think it’s because it's not curled at 200c and the curls aren't as tight when doing it with a curler or straightener. It's great for styling for an event or in the morning for the day.

You have to watch tutorials on YouTube to get the curl right and to understand how to use it.

My overall Review on the Dyson Airwrap.

It's a considerable investment but not worth it if you're going to have to sell your right kidney! David Jones and Dyson DO have AFTERPAY though.

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I do love that it is easy to use and quick and not damaging on my hair, especially when every strand matters after kids.

If you have a friend that has one I recommend borrowing theirs to see how it works in your hair. My hair is easy to style. Dead straight, not too long or thick. So the Dyson is perfect for my type of hair.