Travelling with babies: Part 2 - Packing Necessities and Tips for Bubs

Hey travelling Mummas, as promised I’m sharing my packing necessities list and hand luggage. Last year we had our first family Euro trip, we had just enough travel experience behind us to make sure we packed just the right amount of everything, so here it is…

Packing Necessities

Baby Bjorn carrier or your preferred carrier (don’t recommend this over the age of 9 months but a life saver with your tiny dancer)

Bjorn travel cot (6kgs-one of the lightest on the market)
If you don’t want to spend $300 plus on a cot, I found pretty much the same travel cot at target called childcare Aero Portacot for $99 and only 3.9kgs. 

Yo yo Zen Pram- At 6.4 kg, this pram fits down the aisle of the planes and can go into your overhead language, easy to fold and unfold and has a strap to carry- I’m Obsessed with it.

Baby Bjorn carrier or your preferred carrier (don’t recommend this over the age of 9 months but a life saver with your tiny dancer).


Every country is different when it comes to dosages and ingredients and what’s safe for kids I do believe Australia has one of the highest standards when it comes to health, I’m no Doctor but this is what I have used.

Nurofen and Panadol as it’s so important to keep your babies fever under control and Pain Stop which is NOT recommend for children under 2, I have used this for my 3 year old as it has antihistamine which settles rashes and bites. PLEASE check with your local doctor or pharmacists before giving anything to your children. I have also used in the past all of the Brauer products, they work amazingly for teething, calming and coughs. I don’t mess around when it comes to my tiny tots fever.

Thermometer, preferably a digital one as this can tell you your bubs fever in seconds as apposed to minutes. If it's in your budget ($100- $200) we use the Braun thermo scan, it’s a professional one and it’s accurate.

IPAD!!!! Wow I thought I would never be one of those mums that relied on the IPad but it’s a lifesaver, I made sure I downloaded 3-4 new Disney movies. Don’t go crazy on iTunes downloading every kids movie, children will watch 1 or 2 movies on repeat.

IMPORTANT TIPS: Before and When Travelling 

Toddler meal

Organize with your airline a toddler or/and baby meal, this will help you travel lighter, all you need is a few snacks. Plus, it comes out before the other meals.


Request a basinet. This isn’t guaranteed but will be given if you are first to check in. (I highly recommend this if your baby is under 9 months.) Kids oversize baggage is free; eg/ prams, cots and car seats- though some airlines do charge a small fee, best to check before arriving at the airport with all your gear. 

Children’s car seats

Taxis every where we have gone including Australia, Africa, America, Thailand, Fiji, Bali, Vanuatu, Cambodia, UK, France, Spain, Italy don’t require baby seats but you can request from a taxi company if you are pre-booking a car. Please note, pre-organized transport is different and usually by law have to use a baby seat.

 Hand Luggage: Flying to Rome!

22-hour flight including 1 stop over. PLEASE try to book overnight flights when possible. Having the kids get their main sleep at their normal time is priceless. Our flight to Europe left at 11pm so both kids were in their onsies.

We had a stop over in Dubai. Here we refreshed, had breakfast and a new set of clean clothes for all. Dubai airport has amazing facilities, showers, decent food – especially in the Airport lounges.

Hubby’s bag and mine

1 small backpack for us. Wallets, phones, chargers, passports, toothbrush & paste, lip balm and hand moisturiser. Easy change of clothes. Dirty clothes bag.

Baby bag- 2 kids- 3 year old and 8 month old. 

  • Panadol and Nurofen (never had to use it, just in case ears or fever)
  • Water bottle
  • Sippy cup
  • 12 nappies for my 8 month old
  • 3 nappies for our 3 yr. old- She is toilet trained but needs one for bed
  • Snacks of your choice.
  • Dry biscuits
  • Squeeze baby food (I never buy the ones with meat- freaks me out)
  • Cut carrot and celery
  • IPad
  • Change of clothes for both bubs
  • Toothbrush
  • Sophie the giraffe and whatever is their favorite toy that week ☺
  • Thin blanket (easy to fold/compact)
  • Bunny rugs (can double as a blanket)

Packing the suitcase

I’m such a light traveler I swear on my life, I had myself and my 2 girls in 1 SUITCASE- obviously a large one. We were going to a summer climate (Europe- July/August). Lightweight clothing doesn’t take up a lot of room and the children only end up naked or in their singlet’s half the time. I also took into account that I had a washing machine everywhere we went (benefits of air BnB).

3 girls, one suitcase

  • Lightweight clothing > about 10 outfits per person – my girls need two a day!
  • 2 pairs of shoes each (minus the crawling bubs)
  • Jumper each.
  • Toiletries.
  • Avent microwave sterilizer - I wanted for Sippy cups and sterilizing breast pumps etc.

In my packing I shoved all bottles, Sippy cups and breast pump into the actual sterilizer saving so much room.

 I’m very blessed this time round my eight month old is completely breast fed and my 3 yr. old got rid of her bottle a few weeks before leaving, with a little bit of bribery of a Disneyland princess encounter (Parenting 101), so I only took 2 medela bottles for the incase, which I could attach to my breast pump.

Over all> family of 4

  • 2 large suitcases
  • Porter cot
  • Baby bag (Oroton)
  • Yoyo ZEN
  • Bjorn baby carrier.

Stay tuned- I will post my short and sweet QT: Quick Tips on part 3 Travelling with babies.

So go get packing Mummas, your trip is fast approaching!


Enjoy our happy holiday snaps