Modern Day Mumma


We know what you’re thinking… another mummy blog… and … you’re right! Ding, ding five points for you Glenn Coco.

Welcome, we are Jess & Lisa- like The Veronica’s minus the epic voices and celebrity status. We are two Australian mummies and BFF’S who are sharing our experiences with the world through the internet.

We are both Leo’s who at times can be unorganised- which means we do this blogging thing in our own time, share things we love and sometimes even get paid for a post or two, so you’ll find a bit of everything here.

We live in opposite ends of the country and parent in different ways, you’ll find a great contrast in the lives we lead but see the common ground we share in the love we have for each other and our families.

Modern Day Mumma


So welcome aboard, buckle up baby, who knows where we’ll end up?

Love, Jess & Lisa. xo

P.s: If you find spelling errors throughout our blogs and posts. We are okay with it- we are both time poor and jess is an especially bad speller

We will try our best we promise.

Modern Day Mumma

Modern Day Mumma to us means: A contemporary approach to Motherhood. Who says we can’t do it all and be fabulous at the same time? In Beyoncé’s words ‘Bare the children and get back to business’.

Right now I’m balancing being young, a mother, a wife and an interior designer. I’m always trying to put together the next adventure traveling the world before I have a quarter life crisis. I do think my husband and I have an amazing balance of work and play. We frequently suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), which compels us to lead a ‘yes man’ attitude to life with our pretty awesome kids.


  • I’m 25 and married with 2 little girls, River and Scarlett (Scout). I am the mother of dragons
  • Not a morning person (I’m working on it)
  • I’m not a fan of exercise but I do it
  • I’m unorganized when it comes to me i.e. I can have the kids fed, cleaned and looking like they’re ready for a Baby Gap shoot in 7 mins but somehow I walk out the door without the keys and no undies on
  • I seem to love everything expensive–my husband hates it
  • I’m from Noosa, QLD – The sunshine state! But currently living in Melbourne, I love it.
  • Coffee makes me crazy (…but so does my husband!)
  • I’m obsessed with traveling
  • I’m a qualified interior designer
  • I loved to be liked (maybe getting into the wrong business)
  • I can be bat shit crazy but that comes with being a woman and a Mum!
  • I can be lazy, yet I love to be social
  • I got my doctorate in pediatrics from the world-renowned university of Google (Can work in positive and negative ways)

And lastly…I think I’m a cool mum not a regular mum. (My 3 year old thinks otherwise.)


Modern Day Mumma


I’m Lisa, I’m a mother to the brightest light in my life, my little man Wylie. We have been living in Far North Queensland for about three years now. We made the move when husband (#tattdaddy) got a teaching post. We now both teach here and call Hope Vale home, for now

Taking on remote living with a little fam is exciting and challenging, I hope to share these experiences with you all.

I am truly passionate about encouraging women to support other women whether it be through pregnancy and motherhood or just life in general. I also love writing, I am currently undertaking my post graduate degree in Creative and Professional writing.

I graduated university with a degree in primary education, my love for children and my desire to make children feel empowered and worthwhile is something that guides me everyday. 

Modern Day Mumma


  • I am newly married to my baby daddy, we will celebrate our one year anniversary in September
  • I am a Leo, like Jess, which is why we are so awesome (typical leo).
  • Jess and I have known each other for over ten years and I am beyond proud of how she has grown as a woman and a mother.
  • I am a black belt in karate- though severely out of practice.
  • I love yoga and try my best but, I am a complete rookie.
  • I usually leave things to the last minute, the very last minute.
  • I would love to write children’s books one day.

Modern Day Mumma is a lifestyle blog. Taking on every new day with a milf-like attitude. We’re up for discussing everything from kids, fashion, home, beauty, health to travel but from a mum point of view. We will be interviewing inspiring people, talk about the skill of balancing a social life and #mumlife, discuss the ins and outs of motherhood and being a wife. We will be honest and real about our personal struggles such as postnatal depression and anxiety and the highlights and lowlights of being a young mum. We will answer all readers questions personally and honestly to help tackle some awesome and sticky subjects like SEX after kids and how to re-discover your inner goddess – she’s in there we promise.