Nail Art Stickers: All You Need to Know

Fashion enthusiasts love the trendy look of nail arts while nail art stickers are becoming widely used for nail care. Walk into any fashion store, and you will see lots of nail stickers to suit your fashion needs.

Aside from the uniqueness and beauty, most nail sticker arts are quite affordable and simple to apply. Predesigned nail stickers save time and energy while you spend your spare time preparing for the special occasion.

With predesigned nail art, you won’t need to draw or create new designs with your freehand.  Those that are great with art and drawing skills can prefer to do the freehand sketch themselves. But, for fashion enthusiasts without knowledge of nail art drawing, you should choose ready-made nail-stickers.

Often, nail stickers are referred to as nail stickers, nail decals, and nail wraps. Every nail art has its unique application method, which brings out the beauty of your nails. Learn more about nail art stickers by reading further.

The uniqueness of nail art stickers

Chief among the latest nail trends are nail stickers because of their classy and beautiful look on users. There are several reasons women love nail stickers; one is its uniqueness and convenience.

How to Apply Nail Stickers

One of the easiest ways to make your nails look pretty and attractive is to apply nail art stickers.

However, there’s a need to know how it’s applied to achieve the desired results. Nail stickers can last up to 3 weeks on your nails if applied rightly. Hence, you need to learn the right way to apply your nail sticker. Below are useful tips for applying nail stickers.

  1. Prepare your nails for sticker application: This process is essential as it determines your nail art stickers application’s success. Prepare your nails with care because if it’s rushed, you won’t get excellent results as it may chip or peel.
  2. Apply a base on the nails. When you apply a base, ensure the entire nail surface is covered. The base should be applied close to the cuticle and sidewalls with precision.
  3. Cure for 30 seconds in UV for 2 minutes or in LED.
  4. Apply a structure that’s a bit thicker than the initial base; it could be two coats of polish.
  5. Cure with UV or LED.
  6. Use Alcohol or Acetone to wipe the nails.
  7. To ensure your sticker is well glued to your nails, remove the nails’ tacky layer after curing.
  8. Use a lint-free wipe to wipe the nails till it’s dry and matte.

Now your nail is properly prepared for sticker application. After applying your nail art stickers, ensure the edges are flat so that it will seal properly. Pay attention to the smaller nails as they are curvier than other nails.

Next, use a gel polish coat to seal the stickers by applying it over the entire nail. Apply the coat thinly but not too thin, especially around the edges. After this is done, you should cure with LED for about 120 seconds.

Apply the nail polish thinly twice to prevent flooding and cure after each application. Lastly, wipe the nails with alcohol or acetone.

At this stage, you have a smooth nail, and you will feel the beauty of your sticker. Run your hand over the nail to see if you feel any coarseness. You shouldn’t but if you feel any coarseness, apply a layer of top coat and cure. You have a beautiful nail sticker on your hands.

Nail sticker Designs

An interesting part about nail art is that various design variations such as metallic and floral can be used. Whatever you need regarding your trendy look, you will get it from choosing one of the amazing nail sticker art. With nail art stickers, you can’t be bereft of options for your mail design.

It’s easy to change from one design to another, as you can seamlessly remove and replace the nail decals. For sticker removals, apply minimal heat to your nails; after that, peel the stickers off from each side. Make use of polish remover to remove any adhesive residue from your nails.

Several available nail sticker designs can suit any nail type. Some of the commonly used nail stickers are plain sticker + adhesive backing, metal nail art stickers, lace nail art stickers, acrylic nail art stickers, 3D nail art stickers, fimo nail stickers, 3D silica gel stickers, and other amazing art sticker designs.


Nail art stickers look great on nails; it’s easy to use and remove. If you are a fashion enthusiast and want to look trendy,  you should consider a nail art sticker. Choose your sticker choice and beautify your nails.