Top-requested Acrylic Nail Designs

There are unlimited possibilities in the world of manicures. New styles are being invented every day, and modifications are being made to the existing designs to improve their mien. Nowadays, there are polishes and nail products for different seasons and occasions. Also, different manufacturers have taken a step towards the manufacture of different products such as gels and dip powders under the same brand name to increase their market share and cater to their customers’ needs. This way, customers are given a huge variety of products from the same manufacturer to choose from. Therefore you will have an opportunity to enjoy products such as SNS, Kiara sky, DND, or OPI nail polish in the form of gels or even dip powders. Therefore, no one will be surprised to find you with DND or OPI gel nail color today and dip powders tomorrow to show brand loyalty.

Acrylic nails, on the other hand, are an exquisite option for every manicure lover. Do not be fooled that acrylics start and end with classic French Manicures because there are unlimited options that you have not yet explored. As such, we have compiled a list with some of the best acrylic nail designs that will leave you looking more elegant than you ever imagined.

Top-requested Acrylic Nail Designs

Cloud Nails

Image: ND Nails Supply

This subtle design is one of the most romantic designs approved this season. It has been popping all over Instagram and other social media sites as one of the best acrylic nail art. Furthermore, the design is especially trendy on long nails. The look can be achieved by first using neutral nude-pink nail polish to gloss some long, clear coffin-shaped acrylic nails. Proceed to add some gold star accents and ombre white clouds to get the desired look.

Baby Boomer

French Manicure 2.0 is the equivalent of baby boomer nails. The design was invented in the 1940s as an ombre design, and since then, it has been a great acrylic nail art that has been rocking the world of manicure. The design is made up using a soft pink polish that fades into frosted white tips giving you a timeless look.

Pierced Tips

Pierced-nail look is a design that has lasted for centuries. Over the last few years, the design had been forgotten, but it has recently resurfaced on Instagram and other social media. This design is best used on faux tips and acrylics because no one would be willing to drill holes on their natural nail tips. The design has been used by the world’s celebrities like Selena Gomez, among others. It is made up of burgundy tips in almond shape and the nail tips pierced using tiny gold hoops. Pre-pierced press-ons are the best for those trying the design at the comfort of their homes.

Reflective Metallics

A chic neutral design is a great option for acrylic lovers, especially the neutral chocolate brown hue. Besides, the design can last up to 3 weeks; thus, you will have enough time to enjoy your manicure without worrying about replying the polish to the nails. Additionally, you can choose the glossy metallic chrome fall nail polish that leaves you looking bold, elegant, and unique than anyone else around you.

Animal Print

Animal prints are one of the best nail designs that you should not miss. This trendy design is unlike anything you have ever seen. Brown cowhide spots are rising up the ladder of fame as everyone, even some well-renowned celebrities, are wearing them.  Animal prints are especially best on short nails. However, they can still look great on longer nails. If your nails are still short, then you can elongate them using acrylics or gel extensions. The cowhide design is a great option for animal print design. Adding some gold detailing to the cowhide French tips leaves you looking more elegant, unique, and luxurious.

Glitter Foils

For a long time, gold glitter foiling has been the choice of many manicure lovers because different people can use it on different occasions. The acrylics and gel extensions allow the creation of a minimalist accent over clear or even nude nails where the foiling application can occur. When gold shimmer is carefully placed on sharp faux nails, it leaves them looking more chic and elegant than you had imagined. Thus this design is one of the best acrylic nail ideas that you can use to complement your everyday look.


Manicures are a way to improve your look, but the wrong manicure can leave you more deplorable than you were before. As such, you need to go for the best kind of manicure available. Despite having been manufactured decades ago, acrylics can still be used to come up with gorgeous nail designs for everyday wear. If you have been looking for the best manicure designs, then you should choose one of the designs above because they have been carefully chosen and they can never fail you. Dive into a world of limitless possibilities with nail sticker designs that leave you looking chic, elegant, and luxurious.