OPI Gel Colors

Tips and Types of OPI Gel Colors

OPI gel colors are a great way to paint your nails at home. There are many different types of OPI gel colors, which vary in price and how long they last. If you’re not sure what type of color or brand is best for you, here’s some information on the various options available to help guide your decision.

OPI Gel Colors

This article will also share some tips and opinions about the reasons to buy OPI gelcolor. The aim is to help you make an informed decision when choosing your next nail supplies. So let’s get started as we discuss more on OPI gel colors.

Useful OPI Gel Colors Tips and Opinions

There are many misconceptions about nail removal because people think it’s hard and time-consuming. However, removing gel nails only takes 10 minutes with the right products and proper technique! One popular opinion that differs from reality is that LED lights cause damage; in fact, UV light causes harm, while LEDs were invented for curing gels without harmful side effects.

Gel manicures are often met with the misconception that they cannot be used to create nail art, but this is not true. On the contrary, some of the best and most beautiful artwork is created using gel colors because it helps keep them in place while creating a piece for your nails. One example would include OPI Artist Design Gels, which offer beautiful hues you can use on their own or mix to make a fantastic design before curing them under UV light (aka “flash curing”).

OPI Base and Top Coat Types

With a wide range of gel colors to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect color for your nails. In addition, OPI offers base and top coats that are appropriate for all nail types. Read on to learn more about some types of OPI base coats and topcoats to choose for your manicure. Then, choose any of these high-quality OPI products when purchasing your subsequent OPI nail supplies.

Stay Strong (Base Coat)

OPI Gelcolor Stay Strong Base Coat is a new gel-based product that will make it easier for people with weaker nails to do manicures. This coat lasts from 2 to 3 weeks and can be used as an alternative method if you have more fragile nails.

Stay Classic (Base Coat)

This particular OPI gel polish is perfect for those who visit the salon frequently. It lasts longer than traditional nail polishes and comes in an easy-to-use soak-off removal method, making it a great option that salons around town can use.

Stay Shiny (Top Coat)

OPI Gelcolor Stay Shiny Top Coat is an essential part of any manicure. It protects your nails from chips and wear for weeks at a time with its 100% pure gel formula, which also allows you to remove it easily with soak-off removal. Opi has some high quality nail polish kits too; they’re made by the best in the business.

Iconic Starter Pack

OPI Gelcolor is one of the most reputable brands for nail polish, and this starter pack helps you get started with your first few colors. This kit comes in 6 full-size bottles, including Top Coat and Base Coat, to help maintain a long-lasting manicure. The Starter Pack also includes Bonder, which strengthens nails and removes any leftover color from previous applications without scrubbing or acetone chemicals so that there are no chips on your bright new mani.

Professional icon Intro Kit

This kit includes all the items for an ideal manicure and pedicure from the comfort of your own home. Its kit comprise of a cuticle stick, Base Coat, Top Coat, and 20 foil remover wraps for easy removal at any time. In addition, the Gel Colors Bonder is included so that nails can be repaired if they chip or crack during an appointment before the next client arrives to save on costly repairs every day! This professional gel nail polish set also has six full-size colors that allow salon customers more variety when choosing their favorite color combination.


OPI nails are versatile, long-lasting, and easy to apply. This makes them a perfect choice for anyone with nail polish on the go! With OPI, you’ll never have to worry about smudging or chipping in between touch-up sessions thanks to their unique formula, which bonds your color coat onto natural nails without compromising the strength of the original manicure. What more could you ask for? So, when you want a manicure that looks good and lasts, try OPI gel nail colors. These will not only make your nails shine like diamonds, but they stay on for weeks with no chipping or peeling. So, get a fantastic manicure right now at home with these supplies from this trusted brand! Let’s know your choice in the comment section below.