Top 10 Wonderful Dip Powder Nail Tips to Get You Started

Top 10 Wonderful Dip Powder Nail Tips to Get You Started

Nail art is no longer just something done on special occasions; nail dip powders can be used as part of everyday wear too! You’ll find yourself looking forward every day, knowing how much more fun going about life can be with gorgeous nails! Try out LDS dipping powder nails for a pretty outlook.

Top 10 Wonderful Dip Powder Nail Tips to Get You Started

If you want to get started and know how this unique dip manicure can benefit you, kindly read the following lovely tips:

Tips to Apply Dipping Powder Nails

Groom your nails

If your nails are stained, you need to get them removed with a nail polish remover. Then, get a cuticle pusher and trimmer, and trim your nails to enable nail growth. This dip powder nail tip is essential to maintain your dip manicure for a longer time before addition. In case of stubborn nails and skin, employ files to revamp them before you begin.

Sanitize your nails properly

Apply soft cotton with alcohol or nail sanitizer. Next, smoothen the damped cotton over your nails and fingers, ensuring it gets to all your cuticles and nails afterward. This stage helps de moisturize your nails in anticipation of a dip manicure. Believe me; you wouldn’t want any germs or bacteria to be found before the dip manicure ensues.

Ensure your nail tip is properly sized

To ensure your nail tips are properly sized, you should identify a tip for each of your nails that shouldn’t cover too much of the width. The end on both sides should span across and fully over the entire length without intersecting with skin or other layers. Paint one side well before applying them to all 10 fingers at an angle 45 degrees from vertical for about 15 seconds after they’re dried off enough not to stick together when touching but still sticky enough, so it doesn’t fall off.

Paint to the border and brush to the resin

These two tips are antecedents to each other and should be done in close monitor and attention to detail.

At this stage, you first paint the border in tiny drifts and be careful to spread it well so it doesn’t intersect close to the cuticle area. Let that settle for about a minute before moving to the brushing part. With the aid of your brush applicator, spread the resin intentionally on the nail, just like nail polish. Ensure you don’t go off the edges. Keep it neat and just above the cuticle.

Dip your fingers into the container of the LDS nail powder

Ensure you shake the container of the LDS dip powder nails well. Use the nail stirrer to mix the powder and insert your fingers in turn for five seconds. Turn your fingers gently.

Then retrieve each finger and shake off the excess powder back to the container. As soon as your nail is dry, use a nail brush to eliminate any remaining powder. Use the brush and apply more resin evenly distributed all over the nail, including the tip. Paint it just as you would rub your nail polish. At this stage: if you also desire a colored LDS dipping powder nail, this is the right moment! Insert your finger into the powder once more, remove excess powder afterward, and rub in more resin. You can rerun these steps to achieve a densely thicker and stronger manicure.

Brush on activator

Now we are getting to the icing on the cake. First, you impress the activator gently on the nails, just like any other nail polish. Let the activator stay on for about 5 seconds on the nails. Next, impress the second round of applicators onto the nails and allow them to stay for the same length of time as the first.

File the nail edges

With the help of a soft edge file, shapen the rough and outer edges of the nails, file them down to an appreciable size, don’t file too long as the dipping powder must have done an excellent job in ensuring the claws come out in even shape.

Finish with a top coating

Ensure you employ a topcoat used for acrylic nails. After soft filing the nail edges, allow your nails to dry for about two minutes. Next, meticulously apply cuticle oil into the skin surrounding your nails. Then you can use the top coating as briskly as possible.

Wash your hands

If you followed through critically, you’d observe that allowing your nails to dry at various points was essential for every process for different time lengths. Ensure your nails are utterly dehydrated before you wash them. Use warm water, mild soap, and a soft nail brush to clean the edges around and underneath your nails. Calmly dab your hands and nails with a neat towel afterward.

Ensure regular nail maintenance

Your LDS dipping powder color can last up to a month before requiring a fill, but you will detect the foreign nail growth around the cuticle area. Therefore, you can decide to fill much earlier than a month. Also, you can rub cuticle oil onto your nails daily to maintain it.


Every beautiful process produces a beautiful outcome. However, to achieve this fantastic result, you have to be patient and trust the process.