DND DC Gel Colors

DND DC Gel Colors Are Transforming the Manicure for Women

DND DC gel is one of the most popular nail cure options opted by women around the world. The finish of polish with the cure of a gel makes this nail art most favorite among women from different fields of life. Taking care of nails is very important for women as it makes our hands and feet look beautiful and well-taken care of.

DND DC Gel Colors Are Transforming the Manicure for Women

You can always hide your toenails in socks or shoes, but what about hands? Psychologists believe that a person notices others’ hands before making their image. If your hands are dirty, nails are bitten, or nail polish is chipped off, it can give a very negative image of your personality. A well-manicured hand suggests a person is organized and loves cleanliness.

Apart from that, DND DC colors give a wide range of options for women to match their nails with their outfits. If you are not sure whether to go for gel polish or not, this article talks about how gel polishes are better than ordinary nail polishes, and why you should consider them for your nails.

How Does a DND DC Gel Polish Work?

Using gel polish is easier than it looks. The application process of gel polish is a bit lengthier than traditional nail paint, however, the results are amazing and long-lasting.  This is the reason this manicure option is so popular among women who love their nails colorful.

Ordinary nail polishes are applied with a brush and then left to air dry. On the other hand, gel polish is applied to the nails and then treated with an Ultraviolet (UV) or a LED lamp to give them some permanence. The light treatment for a few minutes dries off the gel and makes it stay on the nails longer than the ordinary nail paint.

This ability of gel polish to stay longer on the nails and give vibrant and authentic colors transforms the concept of manicure for women.

What Are the Transforming Features of Gel Polish?

Apart from the application process, certain other features of a DC gel polish make it a transformation in the world of manicure. Some of these distinctive features are listed below.

Vibrant Colors

Firstly, the DND DC colors are not only vibrant but available in a range of shades. You can easily get color swatches and match the one that fits your liking. The wide range of vibrant colors makes gel polishes more popular among women. Gel polishes are available in multiple shades of the same color, and if you are very particular about your color matches, you are going to love gel polishes.

Secondly, a single application of gel polish gives the desired color. An ordinary nail paint needs two to three coats before you get the exact color. The disadvantage of multiple coats is that the paint looks like a lump on your nails. It gives a very untidy look. Secondly, you run out of your favorite shade too quickly. Finding the same shade can be difficult.

Long-lasting Look

A gel nail polish will last longer on your nails than ordinary nail paint. The UV treatment gives a gel some sort of permanence on your nails. Therefore, unless you remove it yourself, the gel will not move from your nails. Ordinary nail paints tend to start chipping off after a few days of your manicure. If you are not careful, your paint might chip off the same day. This ruins the entire manicure for women.

A gel paint does not chip off that easily. The removal process is very specific, therefore, making gel polishes last longer.

Bottle Goes a Long Way

Since a gel polish can give the desired color with a single coat, your bottle can go a long way. Ordinary nail polishes are cheaper, however, due to their application process, they can be costly if you have to buy a new bottle every month (in case you use your favorite color regularly). Gel polish can be expensive, but it lasts longer, making it worth every penny.

Gel polishes do not dry in the air unless exposed to LED or UV light, therefore, you can keep your gel polishes for a long time. Whereas, ordinary polishes can dry up in the bottle if not used regularly.


Gel nail polishes are becoming increasingly popular among women because of their distinct features. Women love well-manicured hands. Chipped-off nail paints and double-coated nail polishes give a very untidy look to the hands.

DND DC gel colors are a great option for a manicure because they do not chip off easily, and the color payoff of a single coat is astonishing. These characteristic features of gel polish make it a popular choice. These are the reasons why gel polishes are transforming the concept of manicure for women.