Know the Pros, Cons, and Precautions to Take When Using Nugenesis Dipping Powder

Gel and acrylic nail polish have ruled the roost for a long time. While being attractive to look at, the manicure is a convenient process. However, there is a disadvantage with gel polish. Your nails require curing under a UV lamp. Ultraviolet rays can be harmful to the skin. Therefore, women globally are shifting allegiance towards a nail manicure that does not require such UV exposure. Dipping powder has thus, become the favorite of women worldwide.

Compared to gel and acrylic nail manicures, dipping powder has its advantages. Gel polish has a glossier coat, but dipping powder is preferable because of its longevity. Here are some benefits of having Nugenesis nails.

Advantages of Dipping Powder – Why women prefer it to other manicures?

No UV Exposure

The most significant benefit of using dipping powder is that the manicure does not require exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Dipping powder is a dry coat. The topcoat layer you apply at the end of the process dries within no time. Thus, you do not expose your nails and skin to UV light. It is not so in the case of gel polish because it is compulsory to cure the gel polish layer under UV/LED lamp.

Long-lasting manicure

While gel and acrylic polish have a reputation for lasting long, dipping powder manicures are not far behind. A carefully-done dip powder manicure can easily last for more than four weeks. However, you should ensure using high-quality products like Nugenesis dipping powder, despite being comparatively expensive. The inexpensive products available in the market contain harmful carcinogens that can cause long-term harm to your nails.

Ensures good nail health

Dipping powder ensures good nail health because they form an additional protective layer over the nails. It prevents the nail from chipping or cracking. Simultaneously, it allows the nail to grow naturally beneath the polished layer. Secondly, there is no need to scrape the dipping powder layers when removing nail polish. Thus, your nails remain in good condition when you have dipping powder manicures.

Besides these primary advantages, dipping powder offers other benefits like convenient application and removal procedures and is less expensive than gel and acrylic finishes. It is advisable to approach a nail salon for a dip powder manicure. However, anyone can master the technique at home.

Here are some demerits of dipping powder that people should be aware of when selecting the ideal nail manicure.

Disadvantages of Dipping Powder – Here are some precautions to take

The dipping powder product is excellent and does not have any significant demerit. However, many people use inappropriate ways of applying dipping powder on their nails. Here are some activities people should avoid.

Improper dipping procedure

The general dipping powder manicure procedure is to dip one’s nails into the dipping powder bottle. It ensures a uniform application throughout the nail. It is an excellent way to do it, provided you are the only woman using the product. It is not so in nail salons as you have multiple women dipping their nails into the Nugenesis powder bottle. If they have nail infections, the disease can spread to other people quickly. Hence, it is not the most hygienic way of applying nail polish.

An expensive alternative

One way of overcoming the problems mentioned above is to have a dipping powder bottle entirely for yourself. It can thus become an expensive proposition. As an alternative, you can sprinkle dipping powder in a separate container and dip your fingernails in it. Such a procedure can cause excessive wastage of high-quality and expensive dipping powder.

Dipping powder removal issues

While removing dipping powder is easy compared to gel and acrylic paint, it involves acetone solution. Acetone has dehydrating properties and can remove water from your skin and nails on continuous exposure. The alternative is to use nail polish removers that do not contain acetone.

Precautions to take when applying dipping powder manicure

Users should take the following precautions to get the best Nugenesis dip nails:

One should never compromise on the product quality when going for a dipping powder manicure. Choosing inexpensive products is a clear invitation to danger as the harmful substances present in these cheap products can cause dangerous diseases like cancer.

It is always advisable to carry your dipping powder bottle to the nail salon instead of relying on the products they offer. It ensures maintaining proper hygiene, even though the process is comparatively expensive.

Nails require time to recuperate after the removal process. The use of acetone in nail polish removers dries the nails and the skin surrounding them. They need complete rest to regain their health. Therefore, it is better to have a week or two gap between two successive dip powder manicures.


These advantages and disadvantages drive home the fact that a dipping powder manicure is an excellent one if you follow the appropriate procedures. You get attractive nails that you can show off to your friends and loved ones.