Do's and Don'ts of Makeup Routine

Do’s and Don’ts of Makeup Routine When You Have a Skin Condition

There are a lot of steps in our daily makeup routine that we are doing wrong. There are a lot of steps that we don’t do at all. It largely affects the look of your skin especially if you are suffering from a skin condition. You need to be extra careful if there is a particular condition possessed by you. So to avoid any hassle, we have compiled a few Do’s and Don’ts of makeup routine particularly when you are suffering from a skin condition. Before going into that, we will have a look at the most commonly occurring skin conditions. Let’s have a look at them without wasting any more time.

Do's and Don'ts of Makeup Routine

Which Skin Conditions Are the Most Common

There are a bunch of skin conditions that are prevalent these days. These can affect people of all ages. Some most commonly occurring skin conditions include acne, dryness,eczema, rosacea and sebum breakouts. All of these are somehow related to makeup routine and use of low quality products. Research has shown that skin conditions can be highly affected by unnecessary exposure to inferior quality products.


So now, let’s move on to things which you are never supposed to miss when you have a skin condition and you are doing your makeup.

  • Always moisturize your skin before applying makeup. Moisturizer can do a lot of beneficial things for you. It can soothe out the inflammation, redness and acne from your face.
  • Choose the concealer that matches your skin, to cover acne spots and acne scars. You need the best concealer for acne prone skin for this purpose. It will give a smooth finish to your look, hiding all the scars and pimples from your skin. Make sure it has high coverage which builds gradually.
  • Always use matte products as they do not leave oily residue on your skin. They give a flawless look to your skin without disrupting the natural build up.
  • Make sure you are using non occlusive makeup products so none of your skin conditions is triggered.


There are certain things which are supposed to be strictly avoided while doing makeup. Especially for acne prone skin, rosacea and eczema, you should be extra careful with certain things. Let’s have a look at what these conditions actually are:


Acne prone skin is the one in which pimples or bumpy spots appear on the skin. Such skin can easily get irritated and itchy.


Rosacea is referred to as extremely dry and patchy skin. It can leave scales easily when moisture is lost. When doing your makeup, you should use the best drugstore foundation for rosacea to achieve a uniform coverage on your skin without causing excessive dryness.


Eczema is a skin condition in which there is excessive redness on specific parts of the skin. It can get triggered when any allergen comes in contact with the skin.

Here are Some of the things to be avoided.

  • Do not use a foundation that leaves a dry and patchy residue on your skin. It will trigger your rosacea and make your skin look scaly. Do not rub or stretch your skin while doing makeup. It is extremely harmful for the health of your skin. Especially for eczema or acne prone skin, it can lead to inflammation and redness.
  • Do not use blending products that are used by someone else already. This can lead to contamination and as a result, a huge breakout can occur. Always use clean products and do not share your accessories with someone else.
  • Do not overuse any product. Always apply just a sufficient amount on your face. Extra amount of product will penetrate into the pores of your skin and will clog them. This is undesirable and you need to be careful about it.


Skin conditions can get triggered if you are not taking care of it properly. This can lead to massive breakouts at times. Makeup products are the most vulnerable for your skin. Especially for acne prone skin and the one with rosacea. One wrong step can cause breakouts that you never expected to occur. In this article, we have pointed out a few Do’s and Don’ts of makeup routine that you need to consider when you have a skin issue. I hope these will be helpful for you.