What Should Do When Remove Gel Polish Nails

What Should You Do When You Want to Remove Gel Polish Nails ?

Almost girls all over the world wish to have strong and shiny natural nails. Like most, our natural nails are often brittle or simply have many defects such as yellowing or worse, darkening and above all, there are many cases where the nails do not grow to the desired shape. In order to quickly solve that dilemma, the method of manicure with gel polish was born and quickly became very popular in nail art and it is also a form of less time consuming for both customers and workers professional nail techs. So how to do your nails with gel polish colors and what products are currently being sought after by beauty believers? The correct answer is DND polish under this article, let’s research about this nail method!

What Should Do When Remove Gel Polish Nails

Regular Nail Polish Will Disappear One Day Soon?

Nowadays, regular nail polish has also improved a lot, it has now been improved in paint for a moderate thickness, not too thin, in addition, it is also smooth and has a higher gloss than traditional nail polish lines. Specifically, DND nail polish has a durability of approximately 2 weeks or more, although regular nail polish is not as durable as gel nail polish, it has the advantage of being easy to perform, does not need to use a UV lamp to cure and easy to clean. Many comments that regular nail polish will disappear and be replaced by gel nail polish, but with the above advantages with DND nail polish colors, regular nail polish will quickly become popular again. For those who love gel nails, follow the instructions below to make gel nails!

How to Do Gel Nails?

First, you need to determine the shape of the nails you want, followed by trimming and shaping them. The next step is to wash your hands with warm water. Then use specialized tools to trim nails, pay attention to cut evenly, do not cut long nails short nails. With a long nail shape, the process of painting, shaping and designing nails will be easier. Next is the nail drill, you use the sponge file to gently file each nail evenly. Soak your nails in a bowl of warm water, after filing the nail, you should clean the excess cuticles at the edge of the nail, remember not to cut too close.

You should use a primer and gently apply a thin layer of nail primer to each finger, then let it dry. Then, choose a gel nail polish color that you love and match your skin tone to apply on the nails. Apply 2-3 layers to get the gel nail polish color up to the standard and most evenly colored. Then let it dry with LED or UV lamp for 60- 120 seconds for each hand. Finally, the polish, after the nails are dry, use the polish to cover the large colored gel polish. This step helps your nails shine-beautiful and keep the color longer. Remember to polish the tips and edges of the nails to ensure maximum durability for the nails.

How to Remove Gel Nails Effectively?

If you are wondering how to remove gel nail polish easily, the tip is to immediately use cotton pads to remove makeup every day. You must first use a nail file to remove the polish. Then place a cotton pad soaked in the bleach solution on your fingers and cover it. After 10-15 minutes, remove the cotton and use a small wooden stick to remove the gel polish easily.

You need a foil, acetone solution to remove nails, cotton balls. All you need to do is apply a little nail cream on your finger, use a cotton ball to soak up the Acetone solution, then dab it on the nail tips and then wrap the foil outside. Leave for 10-15 minutes, the color gel nail polish will be removed quickly.

Removing the Soak-Off Gel Nails!

Soak-off nails will be easier to remove than regular nail gel, it is considered the perfect solution for girls who love gel nails. People often find it annoying and time consuming for the gel polish process after using gel polish color because basically nail gels are very durable and stick very firmly, so the removal process will be difficult, if not careful, this process will wear down and weaken the nail. But with DND gel, that worry will be completely solved, with easy to soak off technology, this gel color helps customers easily clean and change nail color extremely easily anytime. At the same time, DND gel polish is easy to apply with a thick and smooth paint that does not shrink and allows nails to last up to 21 days or up to 1 month with bright and pigment colors.

DND is in the top 5 biggest and most famous nail polish brands in the US. Products are 100% made in the US, so it is safe for nails and the health of manicurists and customers, these product lines are exported and sold at very affordable prices in many countries around the world.

Final thought

In order to no longer have to worry about nail gel removal when you want to remove and change your nail design, you should refer to DND gel, this product is guaranteed to help you increase your confidence and nourish your nails as well as make you feel more relaxed than when using traditional gel nail polishes.