Why You Need To Leave Your Kids At Home


Lisa and Jess coming to you live from Bali.

Without kids. You heard right, best friends in Bali, without children. Who would have thought such trips were possible after kids? We are here to remind you that you have other relationships in your life outside of your family nucleus. After children it can become really difficult to maintain strong friendships. Friendships often take a back seat to all of our families needs, this is okay and very natural as we adapt to our new family world.

As a parent, we don’t need to tell you how isolating it can also be. We don’t need to remind you that you will crave adult interaction and conversation. We also know that you don’t need us to tell you that there will be moments where you wish you could just disappear to an island for a moment of peace, just to reset.

Hitting the reset button is what we are all about. Kids need timeout to reset when they are cranky, tired and just bloody over it – and so do we.

We understand that once you have kids taking time out can seem daunting- who looks after the kids whilst your away, how do you afford where to go? All of these things can be solved. Sometimes it may take careful planning and giving yourself a time frame to save. Sometimes you can do it spur of the moment.

This Bali trip was booked 9 months in advance. We found a time, a cheap flight and a friend with a Villa. Open conversations with your partner will help them to understand why you need this reset- in tune partners normally don’t need a reason they might encourage you! We are both lucky to have husbands who support and understand us. They don’t see taking the kids as “baby sitting”- they are a parent also. For you it may be that you need to call in reinforcements- grandma, aunt, poppy, cousin, neighbor, paid help etc.

We are having the best time talking about the kids, our husbands, our life- everything with no judgment. Take a trip with a friend you love, trust and can just chill with.

Your trip may be a week in Bali or a weekend in Byron… it doesn’t matter. It is just so important to have time to be yourself without your kids. We often hear a lot of parents talking about “The loss of identity” after having children. There is no better medicine than travel to find out who you really are. If you’re thinking you need a moment to reset, we encourage you to have a family conversation, start a savings account and book a special! Booking flights first is always the sure way to make sure you commit to it!


Here are some happy snaps of us being so wonderfully free in Bali, dreaming and missing our babies, and being grateful for the lives we have and the families waiting for us at home.

Lisa & Jess. Xo.

P.s- We are staying at the amazing Del Boca Villas, post to come!

Modern Day Mumma
Modern Day Mumma

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