BORACAY: Babymoon

My husband and I went to Boracay for our babymoon/ friends wedding
With 25 hours in transit- that's including stopovers.
I'm glad we made this our babymoon destination (child-free) as the travel to this magical place would have been torture being 5.5 months pregnant and two kids in tow.

Why Boracay? 

We have always wanted to go to Boracay and knew it was a bit of a trek to get there.
My husband loves kite surfing, and Boracay is known for being one of the best destination to kite, not to mention its white sand beaches and crystal blue water. It's also an island where culture, relaxation, and party are all at your fingertips. 

How to get to Boracay/ Philippines: 

Warning there is NO direct flight to Boracay.
For example, We flew from Melbourne to Singapore, Singapore to Kalibo, from Kalibo airport we caught a hotel transfer bus for 1.5 hours to the harbor, hotel boat ride for 30 mins to Boracay island and then another hotel transfer bus for 40 mins to Discovery Shores (our hotel). 

Check with your travel agent on what flights and transport are best for you. I think there is a direct flight from Sydney to Kalibo?.  


Discovery shores: We stayed at "Discovery Shores" for eight nights. The hotel was beautiful and modern; the service was great, and the food was excellent. Discovery Shores is one of the more expensive hotels on the island.
We usually like to be in the thick of it all when we go away.  The hotel was perfect for us regarding our circumstances, we needed to be near where the wedding was taking place, I was pregnant and didn't want to do too much excess activity; so this was perfect, 10-15 min walk (pregnant waddle) to the centre of town. 

Shangri-la:  If you have the cash to splash and want to stay somewhere fit for a celebrity and you don't want to leave your hotel, this is the hotel to stay. Shangri-la has its own private beach, fabulous restaurants, and the rooms are fantastic. At Shangri-la your paying for privacy. 
It's very secluded from Boracay's nightlife and culture. But if that's what you want, to be pampered and relax, this is your place. 

In Boracay, there is plenty of affordable places up and down the beach that are just as beautiful and clean, like "NIGGY NIGGY" where Val and I would have loved to have stayed, with bungalows literally on the sand.  

Things to do in Boracay:

Boracay white beach is made up of 3 stations: station one and three are the more quiet areas along the white sand beach, and station two is where it's all happening, with great restaurants and bars. 
Like the Maldives, you can charter a quick boat ride off Boracay to other surrounding islands for snorkelling, diving, and cliff jumping. 

> Kitesurf
> Stand up Paddle board
> Sailing
> Cliff jumping
> Quad biking the list is endless. 

NOTE: If your looking for something "to do", walk up or down the beach and you will be harassed about the above activities and remember to barter. 

Braids: Braided hair is massive in Boracay. If you want some awesome "Kimmy K braids" and to step away from the mum bun?? These ladies are all up and down the beach braiding hair for around $5-$7 AUD; it's the "Fad" thing to do and ideal for dirty can't be bothered "tropo" (tropical) hair days #mumlife.


Aria:  for the best Italian food ever, and I mean ever!
Spider Bar: This place is cool and a "must go," carved into the rock face of Boracay's coastline, this place is pretty special for sunset and $4 daiquiris, fresh sushi and amazing wood fire Pizzas.

Shangri-la: I never went to any of the restaurants at this hotel, but apparently, the food is fantastic. NOTE: There is a dress code.

Taco and Churros: I went here three times for their awesome Mexican food. 
Make sure you get the tacos, it was like radio Mexico in St Kilda (if you have ever been there) let's just say its YUMMY!.

Seafood BBQ: This isn't a name of a restaurant, but you will find this all up and down the main beach at night, heaps of locally caught fresh seafood that you can order to be barbequed and watch great local fire twirlers entertaining the guests. 

NOTE: These restaurants are only just a few "amazing" places to dine. Make sure you get a map of the island from your hotel. The map will show you the best and popular places to eat as well as activities to do on the island. 

I usually give all the activities a go and explore the places I visit, but this trip was all about relaxation so for me: massages, food, coconut drinking and laying pool or beachside (#pregnantlife) was my thing. Luckily we went with 40 other people who did all the activities for me and told me how fantastic everything was.
Anyways enough talking about this beautiful place as a photo says a million words!

Enjoy our Boracay photo diary:

Love Jess, oh and some of these amazing snaps by my girl @madelinekatephotography

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1 year today- Happy Anniversary guys!!!!!! 

1 year today- Happy Anniversary guys!!!!!!