Naughty or Nice : 5 christmas #mumhacks

5 Awesome Mum Hacks to keep your kids nice leading up to Christmas

We have some awesome #Mumhacks to keep your kids on the nice list this Christmas! As a bonus these hacks will help create a calm house and even an orderly classroom!  

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This sneaky cam is $5 from Kmart – Place the camera in a busy position in your house and tell the children Santa is always watching… on the creepy meter we give it a 10/10, but we’ve heard it works wonders!

2. Myer Naughty or Nice Bauble:


Myer $19.95 – This isn’t just a regular Christmas decoration. With a little tech and Christmas magic the “Myer Bauble App” turns red if the children are misbehaving and green when the children are being angels, A clever Christmas novelty that reports its colour change directly to Santa.

3. Message from Santa:


This is such a fantastic Idea and perfect to get the older kids believing again. This App is free or for a small fee you can pay for the premium one. This App has 7 amazing features.


Video Messages from Santa: receive videos msg where Santa knows your child’s details such as age, name and photos

Phone Calls from Santa: Santa can call for many reason, he can mention your child’s name, age and interests throughout the call.

Call Santa’s Voicemail: Your children can leave msg’s on Santa’s personal voicemail about their gift list and talk about their behaviour.

Text Msg: Send a text msg to Santa and he will reply instantly.

4. NORAD Santa Tracking:


This App is fun for kids that want to track Santa’s journey leading up to Christmas, You can check out what’s happening at the North Pole, countdown to Christmas as well as play games and read stories.

5. Elf on the shelf:


For $60 You can get the “Elf on the shelf” from most leading stores like Myer. This has been a tradition in our house hold for 4 years. The kids love waking up in the morning and finding the elves in different spots. They especially love when the elf gets into funny things like the cookie jar. The Elf on the Shelf stays in during the day monitoring the children’s behaviour and reports back to Santa once they have fallen asleep and are back before they wake up in the morning.

I hope these little Mum/Santa hacks keep your tiny tribe calm and nice through the next few weeks. Oh, did I mention THE EASTER BUNNY IS “BEST FRIENDS” AND “WORKS” FOR SANTA! I know I’ll be bringing out some of these hacks leading up to Easter haha.


Xo JR & LB